Fifteen-minute Movie: Raiders of the Lost Ark

or, “Never trust a monkey”
or, “Nazis and cube-shaped objects of divine power don’t mix

South American jungle, 1936:
Lackey 1 – I have a bad feeling about this.

Lackey 2 – You can’t say that, even if this was produced by George Lucas.  That’s for “Star Wars.”

Lackey 1 – Yeah, but we’re in the middle of nowhere, going to look for a lost treasure in a temple no one has ever returned from and we’re being chased by hostile natives with poisoned arrows.

Lackey 2 – We’ll be fine.  Oh, and it’s time to kill that guy in the fedora. [[pulls a gun but is thwarted when Indy disarms him with a whip]]  Oh, hey, and it’s time to escape into the forest.  [[runs off]]

Indiana Jones – Well, come on, unless you’re going to betray me too.

Lackey 1 – What?  No, not me.  Lead on.

Indy – Ok, well stick close to me or you’ll likely to get killed by the ancient booby traps.  Oh, hey, and there’s the body of my colleague who never made it back. [[Indy navigates the booby traps successfully and takes the golden idol]] Booyah! [[and then the trap springs]]  Oh, &#$%!  Run run run!

Lackey 1 – You don’t have to tell me twice!

[[Indy ends up trapped on the wrong side of a pit]]

Lackey 1 – Throw me the idol and I’ll give you the whip so you can swing across.

Indy – That sounds like a bad idea, but I don’t I have a choice. [[tosses idol]]

Lackey 1 – See ya, sucker! [[runs off]]

Indy – Damn it!  I have got to do background checks first! [[jumps pit and manages to retrieve his whip before getting trapped; finds the spiked body of Lackey 1 and retrieves idol]] I told you to stick close to me.  Sucker.  Wait, what’s that rolling sound?  [[escapes giant rolling boulder only to be accosted by natives; Lackey 2’s body collapses in front of him]]

Belloq – Thanks for doing the hard work for me, Dr. Jones.  Now give me the idol or I let the natives shoot you.

Indy – Aren’t you going to do that anyway? [[hands over idol]]

Belloq – After I take a moment to scare them with their own idol [[does so]]

Indy – Hey, a useful distraction! [[runs away]]

Belloq – Get him!

[[after a mad dash from mad natives, Indy manages to escape on a waiting sea plane]]

Indy – Hey, Brody, ever notice how many women are in my class, especially in this time period?  I must be a great teacher.

Brody – Riiiight.  There are some government men to see you.

Gov’t Man 1 – Hitler is going around the world looking for occult artifacts.

Gov’t Man 2 – Do you know of an Abner Ravenwood?  He went missing a few months ago.

Indy – Sure.  Abner and I had a, erm, falling out, but he was looking for the Ark of the Covenant.

Gov’t Man 1 – Oh, so does this classified cable he sent us mean anything to you?

Indy – He thinks he found the Ark, or at least the map room to the Ark.  There’s a couple of more pieces to the puzzle, but I can figure that out no problem.

Gov’t Man 2 – So Hitler thinks he can use the power of the Ark?

Indy – Well, sure, if you believe in that sort of thing, which I totally don’t.

Indy’s House, Later:
Brody – The government is funding your trip to find the Ark.

Indy – That’s great!  This will be the most important archeological find of the modern era!

Brody – But what if the Ark can really lay waste to cities and all that?

Indy – Pffft.  What are the odds all that religion stuff is real?  It’s just another artifact.

Nepal, Dive Bar:
[[We are introduced to Marian Ravenwood by witnessing her drink a much larger person under the table; clearly she can hold her liquor]]

Indy – Hello, Marian.  Long time no see.

Marian – [[punches him]] You jerk!  You totally took advantage of me when I was a student and you were working with my father.

Indy – Um, that’s not important right now.  How is Abner anyway?

Marian – Dead.  Thanks for asking.

Indy – Look, can I just have the headpiece?

Marian – Go to hell.

Indy – I’ll pay you for it.

Marian – Then come back tomorrow.

[[Indy leaves, and soon a bunch of Nazis enter]]

Creepy Nazi – We’d like the headpiece.

Marian – Yeah, I don’t have it, but I can get it to you.

Creepy Nazi – Or we’ll torture the information out of you.

Marian – Um, no?

Indy – I’ll save you!

[[thus starts a bar room brawl with the Nazis that results in the bar going up in flames and Creepy Nazi getting scarred with crucial information]]

Indy – So can I have the thing?

Marian – You destroyed my bar and those guys tried to kill me!  I’m going with you!

Egypt, Sallah’s Place:
Sallah – They’ve found the map room and are starting to dig for the Ark.

Indy – How did they do that without the headpiece?  Well, hell, can you get someone to look at this just in case they missed something?

Sallah – Sure.

Marian – Look, a random friendly monkey.

Egypt, Bazaar:
Indy – I’m sure it’s perfectly safe for us to travel out in the open in a city where there are people who are trying to kill me and probably you as well.

Marian – Hey, the monkey ran off.  Weird.

[[The monkey reports to a man in an eye-patch who is clearly bad news who then reports to Nazis who then send out thugs]]

Thugs – Get the guy in the fedora! [[thus starts a street fight which is apparently great entertainment to those not in it]]

Indy – How did they find us?  Marian, get someplace safe!

Marian – I can fight too!

Indy – They’re not trying to kill you!  Probably!

[[manages to separate from Marian, although this does not make her any safer and while she does an admirable job of defending herself, ends up hiding]]

Nazi – Which way did she go?

Monkey – Screeechh scree-screeech! <hey, big=”” apes,=”” she’s=”” in=”” this=”” basket=”” here!=””>

Marian – Who’s side are you on, monkey? [[and she ends up captured while Indy has his own problems]]

Sword-wielding Thug – Look how awesome I am!  I am totally going to kill you!

Indy – I have no time for this. [[shoots him dead]]  Never bring a knife to a gun fight, moron.

Marian – Indyyyyyy!!!!

Indy – Rats! [[goes to rescue Marian but it turns out to be really hard]]

Nazis – Quick, let’s everyone load up on the explosives truck!  I’m sure that’s a good idea!

[[Indy shoots the truck which tips over and explodes as heavily-armed trucks tend to do]]

Egypt, Bar:
Indy – Marian’s dead.  Life sucks.

Monkey – Scree <I liked her too, even if I betrayed her; but I’m just a monkey; it’s not like I have any way of knowing my master is working for Nazis>

Nazis – Come with us.

Indy – Whatever.  I’m so drunk I can barely stand and I hate the world right now.

Belloq – Wow, you look terrible.

Indy – And I really hate you right now.

Belloq – I really don’t want to kill you when you’re drunk like this, but I can’t have you trying to stop me from getting the Ark.

Indy – Then I’m at least going to punch your smug face in! [[everyone in the bar pulls a gun on him but a pack of children come to his rescue]]

Belloq – Saved by kids?  Really?  That’s sad and low.

Indy – Hey, it wasn’t my idea.

Bar patrons – So, you’re not expecting us to give these guns back, right?

Egypt, Sallah’s Place Again:
Sallah – Come on, sober up.  We still have work to do.

[[the man with the eye-patch poisons the dates while no one is looking]]

Old man – Hey, I figured something out!  If you don’t have both sides of this headpiece, the staff won’t be the right height and won’t shine on the right place on the floor.

Indy – So they’re digging in the wrong place!  We can still get the Ark!  This almost makes up for Marian getting killed!

Sallah – [[prevents Indy from eating a date]] Look, the monkey’s dead from eating the dates.  You’d better be more careful.  Also, if you go out again, you’re dressing like a native.

Tanis, Map Room:
Indy – Note all the careful archeology I’m doing to find the right place on the floor even though I’m totally ignoring the fact that the season probably has a lot to do with where the sun shines in this building.  But I’m sure this will totally work.  [[it totally does]]  Ok, Sallah, let’s go.

Nazis – Hey, guys in native garb.  Clearly you are workers and you need to get back to work.  Move it!

[[they do so and Indy stumbles into a random tent]]

Indy – Marian!  You’re not dead!

Marian – Mffffhththth!!

Indy – But I can’t rescue you or they’ll send out search parties.  I’m sorry.  I hope you’ll be safer here than with me right now.

Marian – Muah???  Mffhathh #^$& ffffphhthh!!!

[[Indy leaves Marian and heads back with Sallah to get ready to dig in the right room for the Ark]]

Tanis, Tent:
[[Belloq unties Marian and gives her some food]]

Marian – About damn time!

Belloq – So, let’s talk about Dr. Jones.

Marian – He’s a jerk and I hope he drops dead.

Belloq – Wow, well, that’s enlightening but not exactly the information I want.  Also, I want you to wear this dress I just happened to have in your size.

Marian – And that’s not creepy at all.  But sure, I’ll wear the dress for you.  And I’ll get drunk with you.

Tanis, the Well of Souls:
[[Indy’s diggers start work and around sundown he decides he doesn’t need that native garb after all]]

Sallah – So, don’t you think that storm’s a bit omnious?

Indy – Pffft.  If you believe in that stuff.  Hey, the entrance.  Whoa, is the floor covered in snakes?  Because I hate snakes.

Sallah – Yeah, that is a lot of snakes.  You go first.

Indy – Gee, thanks…

Tanis, Tent:
Marian – Well, I think you’re drunk enough to make my escape attempt.  Laters!

Creepy Nazi – Going somewhere?

Marian – Yeah, right behind Belloq here.

[[in the meantime, Indy and Sallah find and extract the Ark and might have gotten away with it if Belloq wasn’t paying attention that morning; sadly, he was]]

Tanis, Well of Souls:
Indy – Sallah, why did you drop the rope?

Belloq – Hey, thanks for doing all the hard work for me.  I’ll be taking the Ark now.

Indy – If this wasn’t a PG movie…

Nazi Lt. – And take her too.  She’s nothing but trouble. [[has Marian tossed into the Well]]

Belloq – Hey!  Oh, well, thems the breaks.  Laters!  [[they close up the Well]]

Marian – Ahhh!!  There are snakes everywhere and we’re trapped!

Indy – I’m sure I can figure a way out.  It may involve destroying this priceless archeological find though.

Marian – Oh, like that’s mattered to you before.

Indy – Right. [[destroys a priceless statue to bust though a wall which does lead to a way out]] Boy, I’m glad these huge stone blocks weigh so little I can just push them right out.  Oh, no, they’re going to load the Ark up and fly to Hitler.  Well, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen!

[[Indy distracts the pilot and fights a very large man while Marian knocks out the pilot but ends up trapped in the cockpit]]

Nazi Lt. – Stop pining over the woman.  She was trouble.

Belloq – Whatever.  Shouldn’t we be on our way now?  Something could happen.

Nazi Lt. – What could possibly be happening?

[[cue explosion over by the plane]]

Nazi Lt. – Well, go check it out you idiots!

Marian – [[shoots a truck full of Nazis]]  Oh, is that jet fuel?  Are you kidding me?  Indy!

Indy – Jet fuel?  Can’t I get a break? [[large man dies horribly on the plane propellor]] Ok, that’ll do.  [[manages to break Marian out and they run while the plane explodes]]

Belloq – I see death, destruction, and fire.  Clearly Indiana Jones is not dead.  Let’s load this thing on a truck and get out of here!

Sallah – I’m so glad you both aren’t dead.  Now what?

Indy – Take Marian back to the city and get us passage back to the US.  I don’t care how.  I’ll get the Ark back.

Sallah – How?

Indy – I’ll improvise.  First, I’ll need a horse.

[[Indy manages to ride up to the convoy, not get shot, and systematically take out all the Nazis, car-jack the truck with the Ark and run the lead car with Belloq right off the road]]

Belloq – What the hell was that?  He was one guy and he wasn’t even armed!  I thought you were highly trained soldiers!  Idiots!  I’m surrounded by idiots!

Open Seas:
Indy – Well, I guess an African pirate ship is better than nothing.  Hey, they gave you a new dress.

Marian – Yeah, and I’m not going to ask why these guys had it on-hand.  Wow, you look terrible like you were dragged behind a car or something.

Indy – There’s a good reason for that.

Marian – So it turns out I’ve forgiven you for ruining my life.

Indy – Oh, good.  So what does that mean?

Marian – A PG cut scene.

Indy – Sweet!

Open Seas, the Next Morning:
Indy – Why has the boat stopped?

Captain – Because a Nazi submarine is threatening to attack us.  Go hide.  I’ll try to get rid of them.

[[it doesn’t work and they kidnap Marian again; Indy sneaks on board the sub, which, we presume, does not actually dive before it gets where its going]]

Unpopulated Island:
Nazi Lt. – Why are we opening the Ark here and not in Berlin?

Belloq – Well, if you want to open this thing up in front of your Fuhrer and find out then that there’s nothing in it, then be my guest.

Nazi Lt. – When you put it that way, opening on this rock in the middle of the ocean seems like a better idea.

Belloq – Yep.  And it’s sort of implied since I believe in this stuff, if it all goes wrong, better for it to go wrong on an unpopulated island than Berlin.

Marian – Look, can I just go home?  You’ve got your Ark so what the hell do you want me for?

Belloq – You’re spunky and I like you.

Marian – Honestly…

Indy – If you don’t turn over Marian, I’ll blow up the Ark.

Nazi Lt. – Turn over the woman!

Belloq – He won’t blow it up.  Go, on, blow it up!

Nazi Lt. – Dude, just give him the chick already!

Belloq – No!  I can’t let him win anything ever.  Come on, I’m calling you bluff!

Indy – Rats.  Fine, I won’t blow it up.

Belloq – See.  Now take them both prisoner while we open the Ark.

[[Marian and Indy are tied to a stake somewhat out of the way while Belloq dons his Sunday best and they open the Ark]]

Nazi Lt. – All I see is sand.

Belloq – God damn it!  Wait, wait, something’s happening! [[various spirits and energy start flying out of the Ark]]

Indy – Marian, close your eyes.  Don’t look at anything.

Marian – I thought you didn’t believe in this stuff.

Indy – Yeah, well, maybe I was wrong.  Close your eyes!

Marian – Sure, but how is that going to help?

Indy – I think that’s explained in a scene that got cut.  Just trust me!

Marian – Yeah, because that’s worked so well.

Indy – Marian!

Marian – Fine, fine, my eyes are closed.

Belloq – Awesome!  I’m talking to God!  And apparently forgotten that in all the stories that’s not necessarily a good thing!

[[Then everything goes predictably wrong when people try to abuse the power of God and thus starts the smiting and screaming and melting horrors]]

Indy – Don’t look!

Marian – AAAAHHH!!!

[[Once all the Nazis are dead, the can of holy whoop-ass closes of its own accord and the two heroes are left to figure out how to get off of an unpopulated island]]

Indy – Where is the Ark?

Gov’t Man 1 – It’s safe.  We have top men looking into it.

Indy – It’s the real thing!  It can’t be safe!

Gov’t Man 1 – It’s safe.

Marian – So, what happened?

Indy – They’re idiots.  They don’t know what they’re dealing with or how to handle it.

Marian – Darn it.  Well, I can buy you a drink.

Indy – That sounds just fine right now.

Remote Government Facility:
[[The Ark is put into a wooden crate with generic numbers and files it away among thousands of nearly identical crates proving sometimes the government does know what it’s doing]]

-fade out-


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