Hello From the Ether!

About three years ago, I made some life choices that significantly curtailed my time, energy, and other resources which resulted in this blog going dark.

I’m not back to the levels before the radio silence, nor do I ever expect to be, but that’s on me and I kind of suspected this would happen when I decide to embark on my new phase of life.

That said, a lot has changed since I last posted, and as the world continues down the darkest timeline where fact is fiction and TV reality (to quote the philosopher Bono), I’m going to try to get back to posting every now and again to try to brighten up my corner of the universe as best I can. We’ll see how it goes. Right now the only reason I can even do this is because I’ve locked myself in Rapunzel’s Tower with naught but my computer, a six-pack, and some chocolate. Let’s see what I can do until I am forced to descent from my Tower back to the real world and all its responsibilities.

Also, the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl continues to be amazing. Read it, buy it, love it.

A Writing Entry – What the Heck Happened to Publishing?

Okay, first I think I’m going to have to switch my posting day from Wednesday to Thursday for completely selfish reasons that have to do with my newly scheduled demon-slaying. I’ll still aim for Saturday/Sunday though, with Sunday being more likely. Saturday nights I generally stay up too late pretending I’m a superhero.

Right, to the matter at hand…

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A Comic Book/Movie Entry – Sins of the Past

First, some of you may note I changed my WordPress theme. I did this because the old theme was no longer supported and because I realized the “normal” font was really too small. So I hope you all like the new theme because I can’t go back to the old one. Okay, to the topic at hand…

This is actually the third musing sparked by the over-saturation of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailers. I’m posting this now because the movie isn’t out quite yet (although reviews are generally not promising).

Why the [expletive] hell is Batman carrying a gun in the second trailer? I didn’t even notice that at the time. Good grief does the film making team misunderstand Batman’s character as badly as it does Superman’s?

*Deep breath*

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Shameless Self-Promotion – End of the Year Review

So the year is about to close out and my posting has really tapered off. I apologize and will try to pick up the pace, but there are major upheavals upcoming in my life and should hit right around the Chinese New Year (Year of the Yang Fire Monkey). How long it will take to settle into a new normal and what that might be, I just don’t know. I’ll do my best, anyway.

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A Media Entry – We Represent the Lollipop Guild

Just this week I ran into a distant co-worker in the hallway and noticed she was wearing a lanyard that said, “Miskatonic University.” So I struck up a conversation (we had chatted before on a few strictly work-related projects) and it turns out she’s a huge gamer and plays a “Call of Cthlulu” game every week. She said most people don’t notice or don’t realize the reference. So there we go; I’ve got another gamer to geek out with after my next Con. On with the show:

You might be a munchkin if…” part 2.

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A Media Entry – Random Musings of the Mid-week 2: The Randoming

And herein is a truly random collection of my thoughts that aren’t ready to be turned into full entries (and may never be).

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Shameless Self-Promotion – April Update

Just a quick update (long entries are posted typically on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays/Sundays) –

Paranormal is Relative has reached 400 downloads!  Necromancy for the Greater Good appears to have slowed down a bit, but is past 700 downloads.  And I actually put them in the “Nevermore and the Ravens” series so hopefully interested people will realize they’re supposed to go together.

Also, Smashwords is trying out a partnership with Scribd and so my publications are available through Scribd now!  I’ll see how much traffic I get in this year and figure out later if I want to continue using the service.  But for now, if you have Scribd and would like to read my stuff, go for it!

Also also, please read my stuff!  I would very much like to be a successful author, but I am far better at writing than I am promoting, which may ultimately doom my ambition (unfortunately for me, I do fall into many nerd/geek stereotypes including being shy and awkward and self-effacing and also fearing daylight and the bright burning day moon…).  So if you like my random blog o’ ranty-ness, please check out the links provided.  And if you like what you read, please say so in the comments!  Like me on Facebook (there’s a button to the side).  If you really like what you read, recommend me!  It would make my day to know I was someone’s recommendation.

Okay, fun ranty stuff soon.  As a preview, it turns out Marvel’s subscription service is the gift that just keeps on giving, even when you’ve technically cancelled the subscription.