A Movie/TV Entry – Other Stories to Tell

Usually reading Cracked.com makes me laugh. Sometimes it makes me cry. But when I read this article about several upcoming movies, and on the heels of the news of the Lion King “live-action” reboot, the writer inside me screamed in agony at the metaphorical crane jib. There are so many, many new stories to tell or even different stories to adapt, and most of the movies appear to variations on the same boring themes.

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A Movie/Comic Book Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Dr Strange

Kind of spoiler-y.

1) Some movies are absolutely worth the price of 3-D IMAX.
2) Sorcery is learning when to break the rules.
3) Five Infinity stones are now accounted for.
4) Benedict Cumberbatch is a fine actor, but his American accent sounds like an accent.
5) Even mystic temples have wi-fi, and have it password protected.
6) The Cloak of Levitation has a mind of its own.
7) Ancient mystics are always bald.
8) The impetus for Thor: Ragnarok.
9) If you want to have a good indication if the entity you’ve sided with is evil, Strange is right; look at your face.
10) While better than WB/DC, Marvel Studios isn’t very good at giving the female love interest something to do.

Overall, I give the story a solid B. Some good witty lines, solid origin, a little better than Thor. But the special effects are simply amazing. This movie had the burden of basically denying the stated reality in every other Marvel Studios movie (i.e., there is no such thing as magic!). The movie succeeded in showing that yes, there is much more out there than has been shown in previous movies. The special effects played a big role in that, and I don’t mind special effects when used to aid the storytelling. I enjoyed it and recommend anyone who wants to see it do so soon so you can see it on as big a screen as possible.

If you haven’t seen it yet, there’s a mid-credit teaser and an end-credit sequel bait scene. Also watch out for the obligatory Stan Lee cameo.

A Comic Book/Movie Entry – Designated Nemesis

I touched on this subject before in my lament about the forthcoming movie about Wolverine and I’m going to expand on it here. In comic books (and potentially other media; I don’t know) there are some hero/villain match-ups that are the primary conflict between that hero and villain. That is, no matter how many crossovers there are, or how big the rogue’s gallery, when asked who a hero’s nemesis is, everyone pretty much gives the same answer. For example:

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A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Midweek: Out of the Random

All I’m going to say considering this date and my geographic location is that I hate living in a swing state. But on to random pop culture (mostly comic book) musings!

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A Writing Entry – For Your Information

or, “Thoughts on informed attributes and the closely related assumed attributes.”

“Informed attributes” is an example of telling instead of showing. Basically, a character/narrator in a story informs the audience about the attributes of another character. Sometimes this is a necessary evil to avoid paragraphs worth of exposition/description. Sometimes an informed attribute can even be useful. But when a writer does nothing but tell the audience about their characters instead of showing who those characters are through actions, that’s lazy.

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A Writing Entry – What the Heck Happened to Publishing?

Okay, first I think I’m going to have to switch my posting day from Wednesday to Thursday for completely selfish reasons that have to do with my newly scheduled demon-slaying. I’ll still aim for Saturday/Sunday though, with Sunday being more likely. Saturday nights I generally stay up too late pretending I’m a superhero.

Right, to the matter at hand…

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A Movie Entry – A Cartoon By Any Other Name

I’ve written a long entry on how Disney is creatively robbing its own vault to avoid even beginning to try to bank on a new idea. Disney is taking a lot of the animated classics and remaking them as live-action movies. I thought this was silly and creatively bankrupt to begin with, but the next live-action remake is just absurd – The Lion King. The Lion King. You know, the movie about all the talking animals with celebrity voices? The movie with absolutely no people in it at all because it’s about the LION king?

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