A Media Entry – Fandom Rage

So I recently posted about how Jurassic World put a hole in my soul with its awfulness, mean-spiritedness, and almost insulting disregard of the original movie. Well, a friend of mine took a bit of umbrage with that entry, even though he didn’t disagree with my fifteen-minute summary. He said the entry sounded like the reason I disliked the movie so much was because I was in a fandom rage over the departures from the source material. He likened my reaction to those people who said the rebooted Ghostbusters was the worst thing in existence and it ruined their childhoods.

So I figured I’d better set the record straight.

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A Movie Entry – Riff-ability, Part 2

In which I continue my list of what kind of bad movies are the best to riff on.

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A Movie Entry – Thoughts on Story Reinterpretation

I had the good fortune to see Big Hero 6 and I recommend you see it if you haven’t.  Now, although this isn’t well advertised, the movie is actually based off of a Marvel Comics series of the same name (most people will figure that one out if they notice the Stan Lee cameo or stay until the credits roll).  So this got me thinking about reinterpretations, which is a step farther than adaptation.  I have some strong feelings about adaptation and how far that can be taken until the character/story are no longer the same.  Reinterpretation is trying to place the story/characters into a different setting.  The movie Clueless is an adaptation of the novel Emma but it’s also a reinterpretation since it places the lead character in modern L.A. and gives her a sassy best friend and a couple of subplots that weren’t in the book.  And it absolutely works.  So here are my not-quite-organized thoughts based on three recent movies (there may be spoilers, but I’ll try not to).

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