A Comic Book Entry – My Pull List

Metaphorically speaking, anyway. I wrote how, after a long hiatus with comics, I got my hands on a copy of the Squirrel Girl Volume 1 tradeback (“Squirrel Power”) and how much I enjoyed it. So I decided to see what else was out there. In fact, I got so many tradebacks my friend D suggested I just get a subscription because it would be cheaper. I countered that a subscription would let Marvel Comics think I wanted to partake of all their offerings, whereas tradebacks show Marvel Comics what I actually want. Sure, it’s more expensive, but sometimes the extra expense is worth it. Anyway, I’m on a bit of a female superhero kick lately, so here’s what I decided to get:

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A Comic Book Entry – Let’s Go Nuts!

or, “I Heart the Unbeatable Squirrel Girl”

I finally finally picked up the first tradeback of “The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl” (called “Squirrel Power,” naturally) which has the first four issues and a bonus reprint of the first appearance of Squirrel Girl (in “Marvel Super Heroes #8”). It’s everything I hoped it would be and I’m going to get subsequent tradebacks.

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A Comic Book Entry – A vs X, A Meta Wrap-Up

Ambush Bug: Hello!  I am your official DC Universe meta-observer, but my powers are such I can see other universes, like the Marvel Universe.  And my debate partner for the evening is the official Marvel Universe meta-observer, Deadpool!

Deadpool: What?

Ambush Bug: What are you doing?  We have a thing to do.

Deadpool: Just finishing up my latest “Golden Girls” slash fic masterpiece.  Oh, Blanche, you are soooo naughty.

Ambush Bug: Urg.  I think I just threw up in my mouth a little at the thought.

Deadpool: Right, so why are we risking copyright violation again?

Ambush Bug: Well, the whole A vs X storyline we were brought in to comment on originally has finished up.  At least the main storyline.

Deadpool: You mean in the May blog, “A Comic Book Entry – A vs X: A Meta-Perspective?”

Ambush Bug: Yes, and the blogger thanks you for plugging the full title.

Deadpool: Why doesn’t the pronoun-avoiding blogger give their own darn perspective on this and leave me to my fantasies…  Oh, Blanche…

Ambush Bug: Urg.  Well, the blogger figured that yet another sarcastic rant on this storyline might come across as whiny and unfunny for readers, so we’ve been brought on to deliver the essence of that same rant in a format that will hopefully be actually funny for readers, or at least more palatable.

Deadpool: So we’re doing the blogger’s dirty work?  Well, I can get behind that.  It’s kind of what I do.  If by ‘dirty work’ you mean killing people.  That’s what you mean, right?

Ambush Bug: No!  I mean making snarky remarks.

Deadpool: That’s the other thing I do!  Usually while killing people!

Ambush Bug: Wade, focus.

Deadpool: Right Bug!  We’re going to deliver bad news in a good way.

Ambush Bug: Yes, exactly.  You’re referencing Mel Brooks again, aren’t you?

Deadpool: The guy said, “Tragedy is when I cut my finger; comedy is when you fall into a sewer and die.”  What’s not to love?

Ambush Bug: Fair point.  So, let’s deliver bad news in a good way.

Deadpool: You go first.

Ambush Bug:  You have no idea how the storyline ended, do you?

Deadpool: Not a clue.  Didn’t really concern me, you know.

Ambush Bug: You can read the entries, “Comic Book or Video Game” or “Reader Response 2.”

Deadpool: Or you could tell me.

Ambush Bug: I will explain.  No, that will take too long; I will sum up.

Deadpool: Happy belated birthday, The Princess Bride!

Ambush Bug: The Avengers tried to kill the force of life in the universe which didn’t work…

Deadpool: Well, that’s a shocking revelation.  Life is hard to kill.  Who knew?  Also, Death is like totally hot.

Ambush Bug: …and it possessed the nearest five X-men…

Deadpool: Does that include Namor?  When did he turn into a mutant?  He’s a freak in a bikini but that doesn’t mean he was always a mutant.  I mean, if he’s a mutant why can’t I be a mutant?  I’ve already got an X costume and it’s way better than his stupid bikini.

Ambush Bug: Wade, this isn’t about you.

Deadpool: Fine.  Oh, and did Emma Frost start taking over people’s minds and stuff?

Ambush Bug: That’s really beside the main plot, but yes, why?

Deadpool: I’m just kind of surprised it took her so long to get around to doing that since she’s a villain and all.

Ambush Bug: Um, she’s a hero.

Deadpool: Riiiight.  And I’m an Avenger.

Ambush Bug: Anyway, as I was saying, the Phoenix possessed the nearest five X-men who the Avengers picked off one by one consolidating the Phoenix Force in Cyclops who turned into Dark Phoenix and was ultimately stopped by the combination of the Scarlet Witch and Hope Summers, who ended up temporarily possessed by Phoenix, who basically wished the Phoenix away but not before Hope restored the mutant population.

Deadpool: They just wished away the Phoenix?  Like, “I wish you’d go away now?”

Ambush Bug: Well, there was more to it, but yeah, basically that.

Deadpool: That seems kind of lame.

Ambush Bug: Agreed.

Deadpool:  Hey, wait a minute.  They undid that whole “House of M” no more mutants thing?

Ambush Bug: Yep.

Deadpool:  Do you know what that means?!

Ambush Bug: I find myself curiously reluctant to say no, but no.

Deadpool: I called it!  I called it!  I called it!  I called it!

Ambush Bug: Um, what?

Deadpool: Back in our original blog entry.  Look it up!  I called it I called it!  Go me!  I’m awesome!

Ambush Bug: That is a really disturbing victory dance.

Deadpool: Thanks!  I called it I called it!

Ambush Bug: Ok, I just re-read that entry but technically I called the ending.  I said it was just going to be an out for the no more mutants thing.  You agreed, but I called it.

Deadpool: …We called it!  We called it!  We’re awesome!  The story was lame!

Ambush Bug: Ok, fine, we’ll go from there.  So, yes, way back in May when this storyline started I predicted and Wade agreed this was nothing more than a negation of the “House of M” storyline that reduced the mutant population to less than 200 and that by the end of the story the mutant population would be restored, and it was.  Here’s the question – was this storyline specifically written to negate that, or was it really the result of “wouldn’t it be cool if the Avengers and X-men fought?”

Deadpool: Clearly because it would be cool.  Especially when good guys fight and Wolverine gets hit in the face a lot!

Ambush Bug: Wolverine didn’t get hit in the face a lot.

Deadpool: Well that’s lame.  But good guys got punched and that’s fun too.

Ambush Bug: And I argue it was a plot to negate the no more mutants sticking point when it became clear that wasn’t working out.

Deadpool: Wouldn’t it be cool!

Ambush Bug: Plot negation!

Deadpool: Wouldn’t it be cool!

Ambush Bug: Plot negation!

Deadpool: Tastes great!

Ambush Bug: Er, what?

Deadpool: Now you say, ‘Less filling!’

Ambush Bug: …No one is going to get that reference.

Squirrel Girl: Gentleman, and I use that term loosely with Wade here, may I interject?

Deadpool: No you may not!

Ambush Bug: Please, be our guest.

Deadpool: Aren’t you babysitting a baby Avenger or something?

Squirrel Girl: While my current incarnation is not nearly as much fun or meta-aware as previous incarnations, it does not prevent me from being fun and meta-aware in other venues.  So, in short, shut up!

Ambush Bug: Please, what’s your theory?

Squirrel Girl: Hope Summers was a ringer to negate the no more mutants condition from the moment she was introduced at the end of the fall-out of the very storyline that created the no more mutants condition.

Ambush Bug: That’s astoundingly cynical.

Deadpool: And crazy.

Squirrel Girl: Hear me out.  Hope Summers was introduced as the first mutant born after the House of M.  Her powers have always been ill-defined although if she is truly a Summers, her potential is off the power scale.  Unlike previous storylines that state all Summers’ will be power batteries, she seems to be a power imitator and what’s more can active latent mutations in others.  So, her power is to essentially undo the no more mutants thing one mutant at a time.

Ambush Bug: Yes, but that doesn’t mean she was always going to negate the whole storyline.

Squirrel Girl: No, not necessarily.  But because her powers were never very well defined, and because she was a Summers, that possibility was always there.

Deadpool: Oh, the Claremont Clause.  Always leave dangling plot threads in case you need them to re-write the universe.  So you’re saying cool didn’t come into it?

Squirrel Girl: Oh, no, I think “wouldn’t it be cool if” is how the Phoenix aspect got involved.  Considering the Scarlet Witch re-wrote reality on her own during the House of M, they didn’t need the Phoenix to give her and Hope a power boost to do the same.  Using the Phoenix also goes against almost all the existing of the history, especially considering Rachel Grey/Summers was on the X-men the whole damn time, so why else would they bring in the Phoenix except they thought it was cool to do another quasi-Phoenix and Dark Phoenix Saga?

Ambush Bug: And the whole bit with Kun’lun and the ancient Phoenix?

Squirrel Girl: Kung fu is cool?  They wanted to make Iron Fist seem more relevant?  I really don’t have an answer to that.

Ambush Bug: That’s fair.

Deadpool: I really hate to admit it, but she makes a good point.  A really, really cynical point.

Squirrel Girl: Right.  It means that nothing we do ever really matters because the minute the world-shattering plot touted as “changing everything” becomes narratively inconvenient, the creative team just negates the plot or retcons it.

Ambush Bug: Or reboots the whole universe.

Deadpool: That seems like overkill.  And usually I’m a big fan of overkill.  Ask anyone!

Squirrel Girl: Yeah, I’ve been meaning to ask you about those reboots.  Why do they keep bringing up events that aren’t supposed to have happened?  Do you even exist anymore?

Deadpool: I had a thought…

Ambush Bug: DC’s idea of a reboot is for another rant.  This seems like kind of a downer way to end the blog.  It’s all so cynical.

Deadpool: So here’s my thought…  If nothing ever changes, ever, doesn’t that mean I can do anything I want with no consequences?

Squirrel Girl: NO!

Ambush Bug: NO!

Deadpool: Aw, yeah, this is going to be awesome!  Laters!

Ambush Bug: You should go stop him or something.

Squirrel Girl: Hey, what about you?

Ambush Bug: Um, not my universe.

Squirrel Girl: Typical.  Tippy Toe, Monkey Joe, let’s go stop Wade.

Tippy Toe: Squeak squeak squeaker squeaken.

Squirrel Girl: You’re right.  We’ll take his guitar hostage first.  So I guess that wraps up this blog.  Later, all!

A Comic Book Entry – The Recap Page

I would have Squirrel Girl introduce this properly, but she’s currently unavailable due to being an Avenger and potential copyright issues. But the rant must go on.

Don’t misunderstand me. These entries are commentary on the movies, not the comic books. But before I get into the comic book, I think you need a little background. If you feel you need no background, feel free to skip to a blog entry of mine that interests you.  This is about promoting my writing, which can only be accomplished by holding your interest (also, see the Facebook link!).

I am a casual comic book fan. I am not hardcore. I don’t know the name of all the Avengers or all of the JLA. I don’t know every major story arc in every title every published. Heck, I don’t even know all the major arcs in one book (of course, considering numerous reboots and retcons, maybe that’s not so important because a lot of it may never have existed anyway). Marvel won my heart first, and it’s Marvel I know best. I know some of the basic storylines and basic characters in the mainstream universe (616), and I love Ultimate Spider-man, and I’ve even had a few subscriptions here and there to Marvel (which are a few X-titles, USM, and the New Avengers). I’m familiar enough with the comics to know differences between those and the various TV series. Again, for Marvel. I’m not saying DC is worse, just that I am not so into that universe. I have watched many of the DC TV series as well. I think “Batman: the Animated Adventures” was probably the best “Batman” series hands-down. I did actually once have a subscription to the “Harley Quinn” comic and was a fan of “Young Justice.” I also have passing familiarity with other comic companies, notably some of the works of Alan Moore including “Top Ten” and all of “Promethea.” I have enough knowledge to have strong opinions, but not a mental encyclopedia. If I’m confused about a story and don’t have access to the comics, I usually turn to the Wikipedia, which always astounds me at the depth and breadth of information that can be found there. My favorite characters are Deadpool and Ambush Bug, although the only comics I’ve read with Deadpool are his guest-star appearances in someone else’s comic book (which I’m sure would not make him very happy). I also like Squirrel Girl although I’m not terribly fond of actual squirrels.

So, in short, I’m a casual fan of mostly Marvel but some DC. Also, if I misspell any character’s names, I apologize. This is a blog. For remarkably accurate information, I again refer to that source of mostly true pop culture – Wikipedia. Commentary on the movies isn’t commentary on the comic books. Believe me, those are entirely different screeds which will be posted soon for your reading enjoyment.