A Writing Entry – Admitting Defeat

Well, here I am, at the beginning of October at the point in which I should be getting the final edits done to my latest “Nevermore and the Ravens” book. “Should” is the key word in that sentence. I am nowhere near ready to get my latest novel published. I thought I could make up time; I thought I could overcome repeated writer’s blocks, but I have not. Don’t get me wrong; I am going to finish this novel, but I am disappointed I couldn’t do so in a timely manner. My deadline is self-imposed but I do try to take it seriously.

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My Fiction – Defining Terms

This was published in the June 2013 edition of Pagan Edge. The theme was a young person’s (~20s) quest to figure out who they really were and wanted to be. For those nerds like me who are fans of Babylon 5, this basically looks at answering the questions, “Who are you?” and “What do you want?”  For those Brit Lit fans, you may notice this is somewhat inspired by Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility.

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My Fiction – A Tale of Two Kitties

Apologies for missing Wednesday; I was distracted by a small monster, an ancient grizzly bear, and crab rangoon. These things happen.

This story was published in the October 2012 edition of “Pagan Edge.” I’ll warn you, this one is somewhat sad and unfortunately based on some real-life experiences. I’ll admit it; I have a real soft spot for animals (and currently own two black cats because superstitions be damned). So, a bit of a bummer for the entry, but I’ll try to be more lighthearted later.

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My Fiction – The Hobbit: A GM’s Tale (Part 6)

Did I mention I’m working to get a novel published in time for Halloween? Did I mention I’m seriously behind? And did I mention my Muse wants me to write this? ARGH! Please enjoy my pain.

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A Writing Entry – Lack of Focus (i.e. Writer’s Block Again)

I blame my Muse. I have given myself a deadline to have a new book published and my Muse teases me with bits and pieces and then abandons me for long periods of time and Free Cell (and Plants vs Zombies). I have a little more than three months to have this thing ready and I have no songs and only half the tracks written.

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My Fiction – The Hobbit: A GM’s Tale (Part 3)

Apologies for missing on Wednesday. I spent the entire evening with a lawyer. Everything’s fine (my life really isn’t that interesting), but I didn’t get time to post anything.  The beginning of the parody is here.

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My Fiction – The Hobbit: A GM’s Tale (Part 2)

By the by, the fraternity in my story is largely based on one of my actual acquaintance. Yes, I went to a nerd school, but this particular fraternity was nerdy even by those standards. Legend had it that once it was the football fraternity and had a few engineer and theater majors around to keep the house grade point average up. One fateful day, most of the football players failed out, leaving the nerds to recruit the next batch of brothers. So they recruited fellow nerds. And indeed, I know of a GM who was stuck with a game of nearly 14 players, and unfortunately for him, most of them showed up every time.

Also, Origins was lots of fun. Okay, on with the parody! Because I can’t seem to write what I’m supposed to. ARGH!

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