A Movie Entry – Thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War

or, “Oh…snap!”

(also, spoiler alert)

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A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Avengers: Infinity War

So “Daddy issues is the true universal constant” isn’t on this list because I’ve already learned that from previous MCU movies, although I will say that is reinforced here.

1) Asgard has rabbits but apparently not raccoons.
2) Rocket either really likes Thor, or really likes weapons.
3) Vision is fully-functional.
4) The Hulk has never known fear, and is terrible at dealing with it.
5) Tony Stark, a noted genius, remains remarkably short-sighted when it comes to anticipating what other people will say, do, think or feel.
6) The Cloak of Levitation is a sentient being.
7) Bruce and Black Widow still apparently have some chemistry between them.
8) There is always time for quips.
9) Captain Marvel can be reached with a circa 1990s pager.
10) Dark Helmet was right – “Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.”

A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned From Black Panther

1) Yep, the universal constant is daddy issues.
2) Team MCU can create a well-rounded sympathetic villain not named Loki.
3) Not only is Wakanda awesome, everyone in Wakanda is totally kick-ass.
4) Princess Shuri is far and away the best Disney princess.
5) Apparently Agent Ross was the only non-Avenger paying attention to Black Panther during “Civil War.”
6) Keeping ancient traditions isn’t a bad thing, but maybe it’s not good to have a traditional physical fight actually determine rulership.
7) I like all the protagonists so much I actually can’t decide which one I like best, and that is quite the compliment.
8) Vibranium is practically magic.
9) Team MCU can still create a mostly self-contained solo movie, which I appreciate.
10) Team MCU can also create a mostly serious movie, which I also appreciate.

Other thoughts – this is one of the best movies, if not the best movie, in the MCU catalogue. It’s primarily a political and family drama with some kick-ass action sequences. There’s not a lot of levity and certainly no quips or zingers, but that would have not worked in this movie. I hope the MCU has some more of these in waiting.

A Movie Entry – To Borrow from Mel Brooks Again

“God willing we’ll all meet again in Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.”

Hollywood is going into franchise overload. I’m not surprised. “Avengers: Endgame” has apparently made all the money and as of this writing hasn’t technically been released to general audiences yet. But this trend is so aggressive that I am beginning to understand the frustration people who don’t like superhero movies experience when all the upcoming movies appear to be nothing but superhero movies. And yet while studios try to ride the lightning that is the success of the MCU, they are still completely missing the foundation of that success; to wit, make movies people want to see and then plan out some sequels.

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A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Spider-man: Homecoming

1) Tony Stark is the most irresponsible person in the entire MCU and is self-aware enough to know if his comrades found out he recruited an underage teen and gave him a weaponized murder-suit, they would kick his smug armored ass so hard Howard Stark would feel it.
2) Peter Parker is terrible at hiding his secret identity.
3) Adrian Toomes is more threatening without the Vulture suit than with the Vulture suit.
4) The Vulture actually can use the Z-axis to his advantage in a fight.
5) Happy Hogan is terrible at security.
6) Tony Stark isn’t much better at security.
7) Spider-man needs a lot more practice at this.
8) For all the flak critics gave Sam Raimi for a “campy” Spider-man, a Spider-man movie works much better as mostly comedy/action and some drama than a humorless action drama.
9) Other British MCU actors should take accent lessons from Tom Holland.
10) With great power may come great responsibility, but it still doesn’t grant great social skills.

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A Comic Book/Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

1) Max Planck was wrong. The universal constant is apparently daddy issues. I mean, wow.
2) Earth people do have a lot of hang-ups.
3) Rocket is not a raccoon, but he may want to start telling people that because the alternative names are much worse.
4) No, nobody has any tape.
5) Baby Groot is so adorable even vicious space pirates won’t kill him.
6) The creative team is clearly well-versed in Marvel Comics’ galactic lore.
7) Peter should really trust Gamora’s instincts on recognizing dangerous situations.
8) Do NOT get on Yondu’s bad side.
9) Never underestimate the power of friendship/love.
10) There is honor among thieves.

I really enjoyed this movie although some of the abrupt transitions suggest edits that weren’t smoothed over. I’m sure I missed lots of easter eggs (this movie was jam-packed with them). Alternate titles include, “How Peter Got His Groove Back,” and “Peter and the Amazing Technicolor Cosmos.” I’m glad Gamora and Nebula got some time devoted to their arc. In the first movie, all we were told about Nebula was she was Gamora’s sister and wanted her dead. It was good to have those reasons explored. And goodness there was a lot of color in the cosmos. I feel like the movie team is giving a solid “nah nah” to the grimdark color palette of WB/DC (and a lot of other movies, frankly). My only objection is that several of the characters have merely a passing resemblance to their comic counterparts. I understand why, but it is still a little annoying to see Yondu the Alpha Centauri equivalent of the Dalai Lama being turned into a vicious, greedy space pirate (who is definitely not Mary Poppins, y’all).

A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from “Thor: Ragnarok”

or, “Thor and Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”

1) So apparently Loki can just take over Asgard off-screen.
2) Tonally, this movie is more like a Guardians of the Galaxy Thor spin-off than the sequel to “Thor 2.”
3) Loki needs to up his trickster game. Even Thor is catching on.
4) Further evidence the universal constant is daddy issues.
5) Hela style can almost make up for a lack of substance.
6) But Tony Stark, despite not even being in the movie, still proves what a jackass he is.
7) Thor has clearly spent a lot of time around humans.
8) Every god-level Asgardian has absolutely no sense of self-preservation in a fight (except Loki, which is how you know he’s adopted).
9) This is the buddy road-trip comedy starring Team Thor you never knew you wanted but totally needed right now.
10) As much as I dislike how Jane Foster was dismissed in a few throwaway lines, Valkyrie is a much better character.

Further observations –
a) Bruce Banner cannot catch a break.
b) “The Immigrant Song” was expected. Some of the other recognizable music selections were very much not.
c) So this is what happens when a member of Devo gets to score a movie.
d) Jeff Goldblum at his hammiest works very well here.
e) A good, fun movie, but suffers from the systemic problems of the MCU.