A Comic Book/Movie Entry – 10 Things I Didn’t Learn From the JLA Prequel

Oh yes, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has spawned a bonus entry. Despite 2.5 hours of run-time, there was an awful lot I did NOT learn from this movie.

1) Why are the Kryptonians such morons? Not only did the Kryptonians programmed their ships with forbidden knowledge of genetically engineering monsters, they included the technology to utilize that knowledge, and have absolutely no security protocols to prevent anyone from commandeering the ships, even prisoner ships!

2) What was Lex Luthor’s motivation? The Joker in The Dark Knight had a more clearly articulated motivation.

3) What the hell was Lex Luthor smoking/snorting/injecting? The Joker in The Dark Knight was less manic.

4) Who the hell in their right mind would give Lex anything he wants (technology, contracts, secrets, etc.)? Lex is obviously mentally unhinged. I don’t care if he’s a genius the Board of Directors should have shunted him away a long time ago.

5) Why include important side characters from the comics just to unceremoniously kill them off without even naming them?

6) Why can’t the film-makers give Lois Lane something meaningful to do?

7) What the hell was going on with Flash?

8) Did any of the film-makers actually read “The Dark Knight Returns?” I know some claim to have, but if so, how did they miss Batman not only not killing anyone but also directing his followers not to use guns?

9) How exactly was Superman supposed to come across as a bad guy?

10) How exactly was Batman supposed to come across as a good guy?

I have seen the “JLA” trailer, by the way, and I have some thoughts on that and a bunch of other trailers dropped at San Diego ComicCon as well.

Confidential to DJX – six months already? Awesome! Keep on keepin’ on!