A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Avengers: Infinity War

So “Daddy issues is the true universal constant” isn’t on this list because I’ve already learned that from previous MCU movies, although I will say that is reinforced here.

1) Asgard has rabbits but apparently not raccoons.
2) Rocket either really likes Thor, or really likes weapons.
3) Vision is fully-functional.
4) The Hulk has never known fear, and is terrible at dealing with it.
5) Tony Stark, a noted genius, remains remarkably short-sighted when it comes to anticipating what other people will say, do, think or feel.
6) The Cloak of Levitation is a sentient being.
7) Bruce and Black Widow still apparently have some chemistry between them.
8) There is always time for quips.
9) Captain Marvel can be reached with a circa 1990s pager.
10) Dark Helmet was right – “Evil will always triumph because good is dumb.”

A Movie/Comic Book Entry – Another Inevitable Comparison

Sorry for missing last week. I was whisked out to the remnants of the Wild West and was too caught up to actually post.

Like my previous inevitable comparison, I’m sure this is overdone and unnecessary, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to share my thoughts. Unlike the Spider-man entry, in which a studio was battling with itself, this entry is about two studios battling against each other. And rather like when DC Comics and Marvel Comics used to have crossover events, the fans are the ones who are choosing the winner. So here we go, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (BvS) vs Captain America: Civil War (CA3), and why I regard one as a good movie and one as a storytelling failure.

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A Comic Book/Movie Entry – With Great Power…

…comes great responsibility. And I’m not actually talking about Peter Parker. This could also be titled, “Everything bad in the MCU is Tony Stark’s Fault.”

Okay, okay, perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but only slight. The bad things that have happened on Earth are pretty much his fault. No, not Nick Fury’s fault, which I will explain.

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A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Captain America 3

No spoilers, at least no worse than anything you’ve already seen in the trailers.

1) This should have been titled “Avengers 2.5: Civil War.”
2) Tony Stark really, really needs to seek professional psychological help for his issues.
3) Ant-man gets no respect.
4) The answer to Black Widow’s question to Tony Stark is, “No, no he can’t.”
5) The villain problem is circumvented by pretty much eliminating the need for a villain in the first place.
6) While an admirable effort to fit in, the Vision really should not try to wear normal clothes. It just looks weird.
7) The ordinary citizens of the MCU are really ungrateful.
8) Marvel Studios gets Spider-man.
9) The credit teaser in Ant-man is actually a scene lifted from this movie.
10) If you are an ex-secret agent, for goodness sake don’t take any of the incriminating documentation with you when you retire/defect. Especially if you defect.

I liked the movie quite a lot. It’s pretty good and one of the best of the MCU movies especially for having to feature so many characters. For those who don’t want to watch all the movies, the only necessary precursor is really Captain America: Winter Soldier. This movie helpfully provides a recap of the Avengers‘ past adventures (which leads into point number 7 above). Also, just know that pretty much everything that’s happened is Tony Stark’s fault. Heck, I may turn that into its own musing.

A Comic Book Entry – Conversations that May Have Happened, Part 5

I often wonder how certain decisions in my beloved comic book medium come about. As a writer, I often ponder other stories and the thoughts behind them. I’m interested in that creative process, which is of course complicated when more than one person is involved. But because I am not a third-person omniscient narrator, I can only speculate as to how certain stories came to be…

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A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Avengers: Age of Ultron

No spoilers, promise.

1) Hawkeye tries to justify his inclusion on the team just like everyone who ever read/wrote an Avengers comic ever tried to justify his inclusion, and it works!
2) Your superweapon will always turn against you.  ALWAYS.
3) A movie with heroes that care about civilian casualties and collateral damage is not näive, stupid, or outdated.  Goddamn it, that’s what heroes do!
4) There should have been more time for the Avengers to exchange witty dialogue.
5) Remember that scepter Loki had in The Avengers and how no one ever explained how he did what he did with it?  Let’s just say Marvel Studios is playing a long game
6) Related to the above, Loki wasn’t paying a lot of attention to that scepter either or the events of The Avengers would have played out very differently.
7) The Avengers are very good at tag-team.
8) Where does Nick Fury get those wonderful toys?  Seriously, where the hell did that stuff?
9) The Scarlet Witch’s powers are still “whatever the writers need them to be.”
10) Tony Stark just does NOT learn.

It’s overstuffed, true, and Thor’s story in particular is really truncated, and it does suffer from a bit of sequel-itis, but overall it’s a good flick, great for popcorn, and sets the stage (this time without subtlety in the teaser) for the next movies.  That’s a hell of a task and the creative team did the best anyone could expect.  And it will probably earn all the money. Overall, grade B.

A Movie Entry – The Marvel Movie Machine 2

Because of course there would be a sequel.  And this also expounds on a previous entry about what a non-fan might like in the superhero genre.

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