A Movie Entry – Marvel’s Captain Strong Female Character

This was, in every sense, Marvel’s response to Wonder Woman, and that is probably what kept it from being a really good movie. It was enjoyable, and the MCU is long overdue for a female lead, but the weight of those expectations and Wonder Woman led to a movie that was obviously trying too damn hard.

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A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Captain Marvel

1) WB/DC is not the only studio that refuses to use the title character’s superhero name in the actual movie.
2) How Nick Fury lost his eye.
3) Why Nick Fury will never tell anyone how he lost his eye.
4) If one alien race is terrified of an apparently benign Earth creature, you can chalk it up to a hilarious inter-species mis-identification. But if two alien races are terrified of an apparently benign Earth creature, you should probably be terrified as well.
5) All it takes to jerry-rig 1990s Earth tech into an intergalactic communication device is an alien power source and parts from Radio Shack.
6) Even though the CGI necessary to de-age actors has ascended the uncanny valley, it’s still kind of disturbing.
7) When villains lay the, “Fight me one-on-one” trap, heroes can in fact resist the bait.
8) Villains, however, can’t resist giving the hero just one more chance to overcome the only obstacle preventing the hero’s total victory.
9) All it takes to become a superhero is survive what should, by the laws of physics, be an absolutely (and probably messy) fatal accident.
10) For a technologically advanced space-faring, star-spanning imperial alien race, the Kree make some pretty dumb strategic errors.

A Comic Book/Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from the “Wonder Woman” Movie

1) WB/DC can make a good superhero movie!
2) WB/DC can make a superhero movie in which the superhero actually wants to be a superhero!
3) Superhero movies with a female lead can be awesome! (Which I already knew, there just hadn’t been one to demonstrate that to the world and movie executives)
4) Major deviations from the source material are acceptable if those deviations serve the narrative.
5) That Zack Snyder aesthetic sense and love of CGI works better in the hands of a director who is not Zack Snyder.
6) A movie with a female lead, featuring an entirely female cast for the first act, can be shot without pandering to the male gaze.
7) Yes, a model turned actress who did a stint in the Israeli army was absolutely the right choice to embody Wonder Woman.
8) Etta Candy’s fourth-wall winking observation about Diana’s attempt to Clark Kent is spot-on.
9) I want a sequel. I have no idea how that would work with the timeline, but I don’t care.
10) Your move, Marvel. Why did I have to wait another two years for Captain Marvel? Where’s my Black Widow movie (and Atomic Blonde doesn’t count)?

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A Movie Entry – The DC Movie Machine 2

or, “The World According to DC/WB”

I’ve noted before that DC/WB has a huge Bat-crush and is determined to turn capitalize on everyone else’s Bat-crush and try to make all the money.  I’ve also noted that movie studios tend to imitate success without necessarily understanding why the original was successful in the first place.  So here we are and news has leaked that DC/WB has said there shall be no jokes in their future movies.  Humor, it seems, is no place for comic books or comic book movie adaptations which is why Guardians of the Galaxy will be one of the highest-grossing movies this year…

Of course, this is a rumor and it may not be true.  Unfortunately for DC/WB, no one seems to be doubting that it could be true, and that is a sad commentary on the state of their would-be movie empire.  I’m not sure if the Bat-crush is the cause of the other issues DC/WB has with their movies, or if it is merely the most obvious symptom of a deeper malady.  I suspect the latter, especially with this latest rumor.  I think that DC/WB has absolutely no idea how to duplicate the success of Nolan’s “Batman” trilogy and manage to miss every salient point about why that set of movies was so successful.  Here is a list (in no particular order) of the symptoms of this malady, and how to treat them.

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A Movie Entry – An Inevitable Comparison

I really didn’t want to write this entry.  “It’s overdone,” I told myself.  “It’s  divisive,” I told myself.  “You don’t need to go there,” I told myself.  “The  trilogy isn’t even over,” I told myself.  But then I actually saw Amazing  Spider-man 2 and all of my good, rational arguments were rejected by irrational  but irrepressible feelings.  I don’t like arguing from emotion; I prefer logic.   That said, I am a human being (by most accounts) and unable to completely divorce  my logic centers from my emotional ones.  That also said, I will present what may  turn out to be an unfair comparison between the previous Sony “Spider-man” trilogy  and two-thirds of the current Sony Spider-man trilogy.  In way, this also falls  under “Storytelling Failures” for the reboot trilogy, which is why I have tagged  it as such.

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Fifteen-minute Movie – Amazing Spider-man 2

or, “What a Damn Mess

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A Movie Entry – A Guide to the Superhero Movie Genre

I love superhero movies, as a genre. I am a comic book fan, so that’s not surprising. But I know a lot of people who aren’t comic book fans nor understand the appeal of the superhero movie genre. Many complain about the plethora of superhero movies and the dearth of other options, especially for summer blockbusters. So I’ve created this guide for the non-fan of the genre who might like to understand why these movies are currently so popular, and are wondering if it might be worth it to try this genre out. Warning – this a looooooong entry.

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