Shameless Self-Promotion

The purpose of this blog is to interest you, the reader, in my writing enough that you may perhaps buy my online novels. I realize this is a long-shot, hence the title of the blog. All the information you need (and much more!) can be found on my Facebook page.

I could repeat everything that’s there here, but that isn’t very interesting. I want you to keep reading. I want to get you hooked. I eventually want your money. So, what shall I write? First, what I won’t write about:
1) Sports – sorry; I like the term “Hail Mary Pass” but I’m not a sports fan.
2) My life
Believe me, it’s not that interesting to anyone who isn’t a part of it, and sometimes not even to them. If I had interesting stories to tell, I’d compile them and try to sell that instead of my fiction. Or I’d try to be the next Dave Barry (“The Next Dave Barry” would be a good name for a rock band). So, what will I write about? Pretty much whatever I feel like as long as I think it’s interesting/entertaining to you the reading audience. This includes but not limited to:
1) Movie summaries – all your favorite movies (well, maybe just mine and not all of them) distilled down to their essence and read in about fifteen minutes (a la “Fifteen-minute Hamlet”). I know there are a lot of sites that do this, however, I can do it too. If I should happen to present your favorite movie in a bad light, well, hopefully at least I did so in an entertaining way. Also, all movie summaries come with spoilers.
2) Commentary on writing – again, something other sites do but it’s not like they have a copyright on voicing an opinion in a dry, witty fashion. I hope not anyway. There’s nothing like lawyers to bring a project to screeching halt, and I say this actually knowing lawyers.
3) Comic books – I might as well out myself as a nerd/geek early on because it’s going to be *really* obvious later.
4) Pop culture – Of course, I am hopelessly out of touch with most pop culture, so my snark will probably be snark-worthy.
5) Other as I think it up.

I am going to try to keep these entries PG-13. Besides, it’s more fun if you make up your own expletives. I’m not going to post on a schedule, but I want to post often so that people who get interested in my writing stay interested and have plenty to read (also, visit the Facebook page). Hopefully you’re interested now. If not, please read the next entry. Give me a chance. Catch the pass.