A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Spider-man: Homecoming

1) Tony Stark is the most irresponsible person in the entire MCU and is self-aware enough to know if his comrades found out he recruited an underage teen and gave him a weaponized murder-suit, they would kick his smug armored ass so hard Howard Stark would feel it.
2) Peter Parker is terrible at hiding his secret identity.
3) Adrian Toomes is more threatening without the Vulture suit than with the Vulture suit.
4) The Vulture actually can use the Z-axis to his advantage in a fight.
5) Happy Hogan is terrible at security.
6) Tony Stark isn’t much better at security.
7) Spider-man needs a lot more practice at this.
8) For all the flak critics gave Sam Raimi for a “campy” Spider-man, a Spider-man movie works much better as mostly comedy/action and some drama than a humorless action drama.
9) Other British MCU actors should take accent lessons from Tom Holland.
10) With great power may come great responsibility, but it still doesn’t grant great social skills.

I liked this movie a lot, although by the end I really wanted to punch Tony Stark’s smug face. Seriously, at best his actions in this movie are dangerously irresponsible to life and property and at worst actually illegal. He transported a minor to another country on false pretenses, recruited an untrained superhuman to participate in a dangerous fight with other superhumans, gave a teenager a super-powerful murder-suit and for some reason expected he wouldn’t try to use it, didn’t think that giving a genius kid who went to a genius school and had other genius friends might find a way around the suit’s safeguards, built in an instant kill option (hence, “murder-suit”), and considering the movie ending made it clear Aunt May hadn’t confirmed Peter was Spider-man (she knew something was up), I am highly doubtful any arrangements Tony had made for Peter to join the Avengers had been cleared with Peter’s legal guardian first. Oh, what a better place the MCU would be if Tony had spent time and money with a qualified therapist instead of self-medicating with alcohol and building murder-suits.

Anyway, it was fun seeing a different take on Spider-man’s origin. Sure, the movie skipped over the spider bite and Uncle Ben’s dying words, but we clearly got to watch the learning curve from fighting muggers to fighting supervillains. I’m also glad to see that Spider-man’s primary concern is civilian safety (which is why he’s the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man”). I don’t even mind this Peter Parker is based more on the Ulti-verse version (although I am annoyed at how many elements are taken from Miles Morales’ portion of the Ultimate Spider-man story). So, in short, more Peter, more Aunt May, waaaay less Tony Stark unless he has some kind of actual reckoning after “Infinity War.”

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