A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Midweek: Out of the Random

All I’m going to say considering this date and my geographic location is that I hate living in a swing state. But on to random pop culture (mostly comic book) musings!

Luke Cage – I am very slowly working my way through this series because I upended my life. I’ve only gotten to episode 4, but I really like the visual homage to Cage’s original Power Man costume. I could easily see showrunners not wanting to bring that up, and I appreciate them embracing that bit of the character’s past. I also like the modern touches that hearken back to that costume without being such a fashion crime, like the yellow lining of his hoodie.

Sherlock – I like mystery novels, I generally like adaptations of mystery novels (and am awed at David Suchet’s commitment), but despite so many reviewers rating Sherlock as a really good show, I just can’t get into it. I really don’t like rebooting the character into a grim anti-hero and relegating Dr. Watson back into an often useless comic buffoon. I don’t believe I’m misreading this reboot since Sherlock even tells people multiple times that he’s “a highly functioning sociopath.” I’ve pretty much had my fill of grim, borderline unlikable anti-heroes. I’m also not a fan about how particular stories have been adapted either. Other people like what they like, but this particular bit of pop culture is not for me.

Captain America – So Steve Rogers is still kind of a HYDRA agent thanks to a literal deus ex machina (a cosmic cube) and is now trying to actively undermine Sam Wilson. So the title of Captain America passes to the worthy Sam Wilson and the writing/editorial staff have decided to tell a story about a white man claiming a black man (which he willingly supported), is not the real Captain America. This folks is why we need diversity. How did no one realize the unfortunate implications of this? *sigh*

Logan – Or Wolverine 3. Or “Old Man Logan.” I get Hugh Jackman has a contract to fulfill, and in theory the idea of him taking in adolescent X-23 to teach her how to be totally badass is not bad. Goodness knows in the comics Wolverine ended up, somehow, as a kind of paternal role model to several female teenaged X-men. But then I realized the main bad guy is Sinister and that pretty much ruined the movie me. I might have to write a long entry on this, but I believe in a shared universe there are still some proprietary, I guess, hero/villain match-ups. The Red Skull is hated by all, but his nemesis is Captain America Steve Rogers. Dr. Doom has threatened pretty much everyone in the Marvel Universe at one time or another, but his nemesis is the Fantastic Four (which right there says something about how dangerous Dr. Doom is). While Sinister is an X-men villain, he is primarily the nemesis to the Summers’ family, in particular Cyclops and Phoenix. He is responsible for a whole world of hurt for the both of them, an innocent clone, and at least one of their children depending on how you consider alternate timelines. ARGH!

More Harry Potter – Or the planned five-movie set of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the first screenplays by J.K. Rowling. A prequel series to a beloved book/movie series. How original. Whee.

Sequel to “The Clone Saga” – No, seriously, one of the most mangled, maligned, dragged out, and hated comics “storyline” in poor Spider-man’s sordid history and Marvel Comics’ editorial says, “Hey, let’s do a sequel to yet another terrible crossover event!” Everything old may be new again, but that doesn’t mean it’s good this time around (see “Civil War II: Different Arbitrary Teams Battling Over a Different Ill-Thought Out Concept”).

On a lighter note, I plan to see Dr. Strange in the theater, and maybe even IMAX 3-D. Yes, this is one of the very few movies I actually plan to shell out cash for because of the special effects. Sometimes an enjoyable movie to eat popcorn to is enough.

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