A Comic Book/Movie Entry – Theater Hopping

Sorry for missing the weekend posting. I’ll try to keep up with Wednesday and weekend but there’s some serious stuff going on right now that may derail my schedule. Anyway, enough doom and gloom. A bunch of trailers dropped at San Diego ComicCon, and here are my various thoughts:

Wonderful Tonight:
I’m getting my Wonder Woman movie! It does look like she has the terrible New52 origin (that I hate with the passion of 10,000 fiery Wolf-Rayet stars), but hopefully she won’t be presented as Xena in blue Spanx. The movie is based in WWI for some reason (based on the promo photo shoehorned into BvS) and is being filmed through an Instagram filter, but at least it’s not MoS or BvS‘s “gritty sepia.” Her costume is clearly red and blue and gold! (One of the many, many things that were change for change’s sake and not for the better was changing the gold in Wonder Woman’s costume to silver; the whole tone of the palate just looks flat by doing that and it seems very mismatched with the still gold lasso). The lasso also glows, which is an interesting choice of special effect (as seen in BvS). Now, I heard the director liked Suicide Squad, which isn’t a good sign, unless she meant the aesthetics, and that’s okay. I wonder if Chris Pine (previously seen by me as the Federation’s worst starship captain) will make as amiable “dude in distress” as Lyle Waggoner did. Also, Wonder Woman had better be the one to save the day.

Strange Magic:
Introducing Baron Mordo! Dr. Strange’s long-time enemy shows up in this new trailer and it appears that initially they are allies against a common threat. I hope these villains won’t be too generic, especially since Mordo is the real villain (probably the second movie). Overall, this just looks amazing.

Shadows of the Night:
Various trailers and teasers were presented for Netflix presents “Marvel After Dark.” I’m sort of annoyed Daredevil is getting a third season when there’s no set timetable for Iron Fist. There was a teaser for Iron Fist, though, and it looks like Danny Rand is just a kid, which should make for an interesting dynamic with the other far more jaded Defenders. Yes, there was a Defenders trailer which looks like it will feature the Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist teaming up to fight against the Hand (which was clumsily set up at the end of the second season of Daredevil). I personally hope I get to see Jessica or Luke tell Stick where he can stick it. Also, there was a Punisher teaser. Apologies to Frank Castle fans, but I’m just not interested and don’t have much to say about it. But for those fans, it looks pretty good.

Edge of Glory:
The trailer for Justice League, Part 1 was…not what I expected. I’ve said before WB/DC should just copy the MCU model but I didn’t expect such an abrupt shift. This trailer felt a LOT like the film executives saw “Civil War” and said, “Hey, let’s just do that!” Tone-wise anyway, not plot-wise. That seems like the film executives saw The Avengers and said, “Hey, let’s just do that!” Flash makes jokes and one-liners (as he should) and Batman trades witty quips with Wonder Woman. The only downer appears to be Khal Drogo Aquaman, who seems enormously ticked off about being wet. While I don’t disapprove of the apparent new direction, it is jarring to say the least to switch from “All-star Batman and Robin” to Batman: the Brave and the Bold. That is some severe tonal whiplash.

Overall – I really hope the Wonder Woman movie is better than WB/DC’s previous output.


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