A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Mid-week: Random Man’s Chest

Random thoughts on various pieces of media I have consumed this week…

Silent Rage – In my quest to torture myself by watching bad movies, I stumbled across this Chuck Norris vehicle. I assumed there would be a little talking and a lot of kicking. I was actually disappointed. I feel this was originally written as a straight-up horror movie (featuring a scientifically enhanced serial killer) but when Chuck Norris ended up the lead, some parts were changed to try to make the movie more, well, Chuck Norris-like. There’s a scene where Chuck beats up a whole bar full of bikers in a way that has nothing to do with the main plot (stopping the super-suped up previously dead serial killer) but everything to do with Chuck taking on a bunch of thugs one by one. I don’t suggest it even as a bad movie.

Once Upon a Time – Speaking of things that are not what I thought, I did try this show out a couple of times. Really, this is nothing more than a soap opera with fairy tale characters. I feel like this could be a lot more interesting if the writing didn’t fall into the same clichéd tropes – good turns evil, evil turns good, evil turns evil again, etc. It’s also disconcerting to me to watch these Disney princesses (and princes) treated like soap opera characters. I know fairy tales are supposed to be short and simplistic, and I know there is material to be mined in treating those characters in a more fully realized way, but somehow this adaptation just doesn’t work for me.

The Last Airbender – Speaking of adaptations that don’t work out, I have heard rumors that this movie that put a hole in my soul and did have a sequel lead-in may actually get a sequel. I just can’t even begin to understand how this could happen. Yes, the source material is great. Yes, I can’t think of how a sequel could possibly be worse than the first movie, but on the other hand, I couldn’t imagine how what seemed like such a slam dunk adaptation could be screwed up so very, very badly. I would really prefer it if the studios just didn’t go there.

Beetlejuice – Speaking of sequels no one wanted or asked for, there is indeed a sequel listed as in pre-production for Beetlejuice. I am very sad. For those who haven’t seen this, or are only acquainted with the insane cartoon, see this movie (and forget what you think you know from the cartoon; I honestly don’t know how the jump from PG-13 dark comedy to children-friendly cartoon was made; also, don’t believe the PG rating IMDb cites; the title character drops at least one obvious f-bomb). Back when Tim Burton’s work was new and different and before it was inseparably connected to Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp (but after he connected with Danny Elfman), this movie was released. It’s about a couple who dies and finds out the afterlife is not at all what they expected. The character Betelgeuse is actually not in the movie very much (although one does understand why people were upset when Michael Keaton was cast as Batman). It’s good; I recommend it, and it is only one of the many, many movies that doesn’t need a sequel (or prequel), and not for the reasons of The Last Airbender. Granted, the special effects are somewhat dated, but this movie is nearly perfect the way it is. No more story is necessary, nothing else is required, do not mess with what is already good. This pretty much never, ever turns out well…

I’m going to weep now.


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S. J. Drew is an aspiring writer who finally entered the blogosphere to shamelessly promote that writing (as evidenced by the title of the blog). Whether or not this works remains to be seen, but S. J. hopes you are at least entertained. And if you're actually reading this, that's probably a good sign.

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