A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Mid-week Part 11: Random Road

Random thoughts on TV, Brit Lit, and board games…

Marvel’s Defenders/Netflix – Marvel has plans for several series of the lower powered characters of their universe like Daredevil. I thought since the series were only 13 episodes apiece that Netflix would be showing at least two a year. But apparently they’re only showing them once a year. I don’t understand this. Interest in superheroes is not going to be as high as it is now, and Netflix would do well to cash in on this now. It also gives Marvel a tighter window to maintain interest to do some of the planned crossovers. Maybe Marvel can get Netflix to reconsider.

British Literature – I set out to read all of the Brontë sister catalogue of novels. I figured since there were only seven that this task wouldn’t take me too long, especially since I didn’t feel I needed to re-read Jane Eyre. But wow some of these are long. So now I’m on Shirley seven chapters in the title character hasn’t appeared but there is the mention of a mill owner and his workers, who are children. It’s very jarring in my modern world to read a very matter-of-fact description of children going to work in the morning in the textile mill and getting bread and coffee (!) for breakfast. How the times have changed.

Danger Mouse – I saw this show rarely as a child and is the sort of thing that when I was older, I remembered as being so weird I wondered if I had actually ever seen it. But this is a real and extremely British cartoon show about a secret agent mouse. I got a season or two on DVD but now the whole 10 seasons are on Netflix, and I have a new series to binge-watch. It is difficult to describe this show because the humor is so different from American humor (and especially American cartoons of that time). It’s dry, pun-based, and occasionally just plain weird (the episode “Custard” has a sequence that seems strongly inspired by Terry Gilliam’s Monty Python cartoons). It also has a lot of meta-humor which I certainly like.

Letter Tycoon – as I have mentioned before, I am a dork/nerd/geek and attended Origins this year to get my board game fix. As luck would have it, I got a chance to sit down with the creator of this game to test it out. It’s like a cross between Scrabble and Monopoly with none of the irritating features of those games. Within five minutes I knew I wanted this game, so I sent my friend to buy a copy before they were sold out. He was skeptical since the vendor area had only been open for maybe thirty minutes, but when he returned he informed me that even at that early hour only five copies remained. It’s a cool game if you can find it.


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