A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Mid-week Part 10: The Random Avenger

Concerning DC, reboots, and the passing of a legend…

Arrow – on the subject of media I don’t like, I feel maybe I could like Arrow except for the shadow of Batman, which is a deal-breaker for me. Now, I know the show has plenty of Green Arrow’s own baddies, and that’s good, but when season one introduces the Huntress, and season 3 ends with Ra’s al Gul, and the rumors are that Harley Quinn was supposed to be a larger character in season four except for the movie, I just wonder why the showrunners keep running back to Batman. Ra’s trying to get his daughter (Talia in the comics) to marry Batman and carry his legacy is a long-running plot point for all the characters involved. Do the showrunners think viewers won’t notice, especially since there was that smash hit trilogy involving all three characters? Just let Ollie be Ollie. Honestly.

Suicide Squad – Speaking of that other movie, it has been confirmed that the Joker and Batman will appear and apparently not in small roles. Oh, WB/DC, why are you even pretending your movie franchise is based on anything but Batman? This movie might as well be called, “It’s got Batman! And Some Other Guys Mainstream Audiences Have Never Heard of But Who Cares Because it’s Got the Joker Too! And Did we Mention Batman?!” And WB/DC just can’t seem to figure out why its movies aren’t doing as well as Marvel’s

Jurassic World – Can we please, please stop with the reboots now? Jurassic Park was an amazing movie. It was amazing the first time I saw it, in theaters no less (I am as ancient as a Triceratops), and it still holds up very well. Hell, I saw it with the RiffTrax and it was still suspenseful. Attempted remakes/reboots of awesome movies very seldom result in anything as spectacular as the original. Yeah, yeah, I know it made a ton of money (okay, all the money) opening weekend, but this is why Hollywood only seems to remake/reboot stuff. Why risk anything original when the same old thing makes plenty of money?

Legend – Christopher Lee passed away recently. He started his career in British secret service actually doing all the things Ian Fleming wrote about James Bond. He acted in a lot of movies, many of them terrible, and many below his skill level (like the ’80s made-for-TV movie Captain America 2: Death Too Soon). But on the other hand, he had steady work, unlike many actors. He produced two metal albums (after he turned 85) and lived to participate in a live-action “Lord of the Rings.” He wanted to play Gandalf, but he was a perfect Saruman. So I have the extended version of the movies (because of course I do), and there’s this charming anecdote about an extra scene in The Two Towers which I think says everything one needs to know about Christopher Lee. Wormtongue stabs Saruman in the back in that scene before he’s subsequently killed. So in this anecdote related by Peter Jackson, he’s of course directing this murder scene and explaining how Saruman would sound getting stabbed in the back through a lung. Christopher Lee then informs his director that he in fact knows exactly how that sounds. In what I imagine was a disturbed and awkward silence, Peter Jackson deferred to Christopher Lee’s knowledge and experience. That means if you saw that extended scene, you too know exactly how someone sounds when getting stabbed in the back through a lung. For a man who played Dracula so many times, this morbid contribution to cinema seems fitting.


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