A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Avengers: Age of Ultron

No spoilers, promise.

1) Hawkeye tries to justify his inclusion on the team just like everyone who ever read/wrote an Avengers comic ever tried to justify his inclusion, and it works!
2) Your superweapon will always turn against you.  ALWAYS.
3) A movie with heroes that care about civilian casualties and collateral damage is not näive, stupid, or outdated.  Goddamn it, that’s what heroes do!
4) There should have been more time for the Avengers to exchange witty dialogue.
5) Remember that scepter Loki had in The Avengers and how no one ever explained how he did what he did with it?  Let’s just say Marvel Studios is playing a long game
6) Related to the above, Loki wasn’t paying a lot of attention to that scepter either or the events of The Avengers would have played out very differently.
7) The Avengers are very good at tag-team.
8) Where does Nick Fury get those wonderful toys?  Seriously, where the hell did that stuff?
9) The Scarlet Witch’s powers are still “whatever the writers need them to be.”
10) Tony Stark just does NOT learn.

It’s overstuffed, true, and Thor’s story in particular is really truncated, and it does suffer from a bit of sequel-itis, but overall it’s a good flick, great for popcorn, and sets the stage (this time without subtlety in the teaser) for the next movies.  That’s a hell of a task and the creative team did the best anyone could expect.  And it will probably earn all the money. Overall, grade B.


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