A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Mid-week Part 8: Days of Future Randomness

Bad B-movies, bad blockbuster movies, television, comic books, and even a bit of music musings…

Daredevil – I’ve only watched the first episode is promising.  Of course, for most fans of the character, anything better than the 2003 movie or the backdoor pilot in the made for TV movie The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, would probably be embraced.  If you haven’t seen these movies, this is a low standard.  So I’m going to watch the others and hopefully this will be good enough to keep me watching the other “Defenders” series.

Wolfcop – so based on the terrible movies I watch, Netflix suggested I might like this movie, which is about an alcoholic cop who ends up a werewolf and deciding to fight crime.  Now, I didn’t actually watch this on my own.  My friends, who often subject me to bad movies, had this suggested to them by their Netflix account.  Long-time readers should not be surprised.  Anyway, this low-budget movie had some serious tonal whiplash.  On the one hand, the movie wasn’t subtle (the lead character’s last name is “Garou”) or serious (he pimps out a cop car and the resulting vehicle can only be described as the “Wolfmobile), but it also gets pretty gross (he changes into a werewolf by ripping through his human skin; while Van Helsing choose to CGI whitewash that change, Wolfcop goes full-tilt gore).  The end promises, or threatens (depending on your point of view), a sequel.  Did I mention the alcohol makes him a stronger-than-normal werewolf?  Yeah.

Weird Al – I had to give a presentation (which I hate doing) so I decided to try to liven it up by asking the audience who was the artist that sang “Word Crimes” and which album it was on.  A few people guessed Weird Al but only one person got “Mandatory Fun.”  I was reminded of how much of a nerd I apparently am, even amongst people who might also be considered nerds.  But “Word Crimes” is really good.

Sailor Moon Crystal – I really need to pick this back up again before it finishes.

Comic Book Adaptations – Okay, I love comics, but does every single comic book need its own TV series?  Or could at least more of them go with the Netflix “on demand” route instead of taking up every available slot on network?  If I’m getting a bit burned out, I can only imagine how less fanatical fans are starting to feel.

Comic Books – So both Marvel and DC are crashing their continuity, again, but in roughly the same way and at the same time.  This may be the most unintentional meta-event of the two universes merging into one…  But based on Superman’s and Wonder Woman’s new, new costumes, I don’t have a lot of hope for the New-Nu-52 (or whatever the hell it’s going to be called).  You comic book companies have one job.  One!  Damn it, just tell a story!


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