A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Mid-week Part 7: The Temple of Randomness

Thoughts on various Marvel media and a bit of Brit Lit…

Daredevil – I am looking forward to this.  For anyone who thinks I never, ever like anything dark and edgy, I applaud how dark the new Daredevil is looking.  I’ve said that Daredevil is quite literally the poor man’s Batman, and the trailers appear to absolutely understand that.  Of course, part of my interest is not the Man Without Fear himself, but the ultimate collaboration of the Secret Defenders.  But still, this, thus far, seems exactly dark and edgy enough.

Marvel Legendary: Dark City – This is a mega-expansion to the Marvel Legendary deckbuilding game.  I now have all the heroes side of the game except the “Guardians of the Galaxy.”  I hope there are some more expansions because I’m pretty disappointed on how few women there are.  The SHIELD officer is Maria Hill, but her name isn’t on the cards.  The main game has Black Widow, Storm, Emma Frost, and Rogue.  The FF set obviously has the Invisible Woman.  The “Paint the Town Red” expansion has Black Cat and Spider-woman.  The “Dark City” has Jean Grey, Elektra, and Domino.  This seems like not a lot of women, but there are two versions of Wolverine and two versions of Spider-man (three if you want to get technical and count Scarlet Spider).  There are no female masterminds and very few women in any of the villain decks (Viper, Enchantress, the Skrull Queen, and Mystique, and one, maybe two of the Four Horsemen [the artwork is a bit ambiguous there]).  I’m not sure if this is reflective of the state of the comics, in which case that’s a problem, or the game creators are not choosing women, and that’s a problem too.

Marvel Legendary, Part II – Cyclops, Rogue, and Jean Grey are all shown in their ’90s Jim Lee era X-men costumes.  That is all.

British Literature – I’m still on a Brontë sister kick and have realized that I am so far removed in time from the author that I can’t tell the difference between racism and satire.  I would have to do research on the context to figure that out.


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