A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Mid-week Part 6: The Return of the Randomness

Random thoughts on attempted franchising, and one TV suggestion…

WB/DC Movie Machine – so rumor has it WB/DC is looking to reboot Green Lantern because the last movie wasn’t very good. No one I know was clamoring for a Green Lantern reboot, so I assume this has something to do with the presumed success of the eventual “Justice League” movie. Rumor has it that they’re looking at Chris Pine, who was last seen (by me, because I don’t get out much) portraying the worst captain in the history of Starfleet. Whether or not he’d make a good Hal Jordan isn’t really my issue. My issue is that if WB/DC really wants to distance itself from that CGI flop, why are they rebooting with Hal Jordan? There are three other fairly well-known bearers of the Green Lantern ring for Earth. Why not pick any of those guys and make a clean break?

Also, I suspect WB/DC will attempt to make the reboot “gritty” which, for reasons I have explained elsewhere, was not the problem with the original movie. I also don’t think there’s a particular need to make every movie gritty except Batman, but the studio will probably do so because Batman. At this rate, the “Justice League” movie is shaping up to be the “Justice League of Jerks.

Disney Movie Machine – apparently Disney has left the job of actually making new movies to its subsidiary companies like Pixar and Marvel Studios and decided the easiest way to make money on its own name is just to re-make its own movies. Hence, a live-action, “Wicked”-inspiredSleeping Beauty” no one asked for, a live-action “Cinderella” no one asked for, a live-action “The Little Mermaid” in the works no one asked for (although if that’s based of the original story, that will actually be a new movie) and a live-action “Beauty and the Beast” in the works no one asked for. Or potentially Disney isn’t quite that lazy, but has to put something in the theaters while they churn out a sequel to Frozen.

Fox’s Attempt at a Movie Machine – so a trailer for the gritty reboot of Fantastic Four came out recently. Continuing on the theme of the mid-week, this is something I’m also pretty sure no one asked for. The main weakness of the original pair of movies was the lackluster villain. A gritty reboot isn’t going to fix that. And of all the teams in either universes, I think the only team more unsuitable for a gritty reboot than the FF might be the Power Pack (that said, some of their comics are really dark). For crying out loud, the first FF fight was against a giant monster named creatively named “Giganto.”

Justice League: Unlimited” – the episode pair, “The Once and Future Thing,” is highly entertaining (and I love a good pun; the individual episode titles are great too).  I love Green Lantern and Jonah Hex’s reactions to all the weirdness.  I also am glad to see Terry and Static again.


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