A Media Entry – Random Thoughts of the Mid-week Part 5: Random Menace

On bad movies, television, games, and, of course, comic book costumes…

Allan Quatermain and the Temple of Skulls – Not to be confused with Indiana Jones, any other temples (skulls or otherwise), or really any other Allan Quartermain.  This was a film by The Asylum based on the book King Solomon’s Mines and actually filmed in South Africa.  I was both bored and confused.  Bored because there wasn’t a lot of action or dialogue and confused because most of what did happen didn’t seem to follow a linear progression.  What I did learn –

1) trains move veeeeeeery sloooooowly
2) eight skulls on the floor is enough to consider a temple to be a “temple of skulls”
3) the lost treasure of King Solomon was about two days leisurely walk from Allan’s house

I seriously need to watch better movies over the weekend.

Daredevil – the new Netflix series looks like it’ll be appropriately dark and gritty.  Daredevil, is, after all, a poor man’s Batman (in many senses).

Gotham – speaking of Batman…  I have a co-worker who likes comics and very much likes this show.  I, well, don’t.  There’s a lot about it that bothers me, which might be an entry in and of itself at some point.  But one of the things I keep coming back to is that since this is supposed to be a story told in a modern era, why why why isn’t L’il Bruce seeing a therapist?  I know he said he didn’t want to, but this strikes me as something that’s non-negotiable.  Too much chomper logic.

Marvel Legendary – I got the FF expansion pack today.  I expected Galactus to be pretty tough, but it turns out the Mole Man is surprisingly difficult to beat.  Next I’m going to mix up the sets and pit the FF against Dr. Doom.  It seems fitting.

ComicsAlliance – has a costume poll up.  I think they could probably expand the selection a bit, but I put in my votes, as I have made it clear I have strong opinions on super-costumes and artistic conventions.


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