A Comic Book Entry – True Love Always All Marvel Edition

or, “In which I find inspiration from another ComicsAlliance article because I’m having trouble thinking of an original topic.”

Black Panther and Storm – True Love.  Although the poll at this time is currently showing “bad romance.”  I could go either way, really, since T’challa and Storm were sort of slapped together by a writer and as suddenly sundered when a new writer took over.  But he’s a king and she’s a goddess; he represents the triumph of technology and she represents the power of nature.  I thought they were a good complement to each other.

Storm and WolverineBad Romance.  But that’s because any relationship with Wolverine is a bad romance.

Phoenix and Wolverine – Bad Romance.  Again, any relationship Wolverine is a bad romance.  Too many women (especially in fiction) go for the broken birds, but some are just too broken.  Heck, sometimes Wolverine seems to know he’s too broken.

Phoenix and Cyclops – True Love.  Messed up, yes, but really that should be the motto of any X-team: “We are totally messed up.”  Later writers retconned that Xavier had always secretly loved the initially underaged Jean Grey and subconsciously pushed his adopted son Cyclops to live out the life he could not have.  I never really liked that because it took away a lot of Cyclops’ agency.  But even with that, I think that had Marvel’s editor not decided marriage is the devil, the two would still be together.  And as everything is getting rebooted for the umpteenth time, and Phoenix is featured in an Avengers book, maybe they’ll find love again.  At least until the next reboot…

Cyclops and Emma Frost – Bad Romance.  On every conceivable level.  Despite extensive retconning intended to make Emma somehow seem sympathetic, she’s a terrible person and a terrible hero.  She doesn’t love Cyclops; she only pretends to because it means she defeated her greatest rival Jean Grey.  I’m frankly a little worried how many people voted for “true love” because she’s obviously verbally, emotionally, and telepathically abusive.  Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words, and here are twoAnd the best way Emma knows to break Cyclops out of his grief is to proposition him on the freshly dug grave of his wife.  This is not even close to love.

Namor and Emma Frost – Bad Romance.  Emma Frost is a terrible person, and was making out with Namor while still dating Cyclops, and Namor is, well, Namor.  Also, his heart belongs to the Invisible Woman.  I’m not saying these two wouldn’t get it on, but there’d never be anything between them except a friends-with-benefits relationship minus the friends part because they don’t have friends.

Namor and the Invisible Woman – Bad Romance.  Despite the fact that Namor pines for Sue, he’s an arrogant jerk who probably wouldn’t care two figs for her once he won over his prize.  Conquest and possession is what Namor is seeking, not companionship as such.  Sue, for her part, loves Reed Richards with all her heart even if Reed tends to be too wrapped up in his own head.  At best, the two are uneasy allies.

So there you have it; another rant on my take about the relationships of people who don’t really exist.  But I think how those relationships are written and perceived says something about the society that writes and perceives them.


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