A TV Entry – 10 Things I Learned from Marvel’s Agent Carter

Season 1.

1) I heart Peggy Carter so, so much.
2) Tony Stark is every bit his father’s son.
3) Edwin Jarvis is the most British butler who ever butled Britishly.
4) Howard Stark has ALL the money.
5) Howard Stark has about the same amount of common sense in regards to his inventions as Mr. Fantastic (and yes, this is a bad thing).
6) Underestimate Peggy Carter at your own peril.
7) How the Black Widow came to be such a competent agent and spy at such a young age.
8) Never put two evil masterminds in the same prison cell.
9) Apparently hypnotism is the same thing as mind control.
10) I want to see a lot more of the adventures of Agent Carter.

I won’t say this series isn’t flawed, but I will say it’s pretty good and I think with a bit more time to work out the kinks, it could be quite excellent.

Edit: I removed the former “9) Peggy loved Steve Rogers not because he was Captain America but because he was a good man” because really, I already knew that.


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