A Media Entry – Random Musings of the Mid-week 2: The Randoming

And herein is a truly random collection of my thoughts that aren’t ready to be turned into full entries (and may never be).

Agent Carter
I like it.  I think the series hit the ground running (whereas it took some time for its sister show, Agents of SHIELD, to figure that out [kind of]).  To me, it has a vibe similar to the early James Bond movies.  The technology is both old and advanced.  The show really takes advantage of the time period as well.  I’m glad that Mad Men came out and was so popular because otherwise I think a lot of the audience may think that the writers were exaggerating the sexism Agent Carter faces to make her seem like a tougher character.  There is a touch of camp, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing.  I think that helps balance the seriousness.  I also like that even though Carter’s male co-workers are disrespectful and dismissive, they aren’t portrayed as buffoons.  They are actually good at their jobs but a product of the times.  Judging from the previews, the Howling Commandos are going to show up, and that means some crazy @#$% is going to go down.  I’m interested to see where this series goes, and hope that it will be renewed as a full series instead of just a fill-in before the new season of “Agents.”

Sailor Moon Crystal
This show baffles me.  I want to like it, and there are aspects of it I really do like.  What confuses me is that there is a lot of talk from the characters about trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past, and then that’s exactly what they do.  Or they do try to avoid those actions, but are drawn into them anyway.  And it doesn’t really seem to matter because very often their actions are negated by some kind of deus ex machina.  I find it hard to become emotionally invested in the story or characters when it seems like the characters’ actions have very little bearing on a seemingly foregone conclusion.  In gaming terms, the characters seem like they’re being railroaded.  But the series isn’t over, so maybe all of this will make sense in the end?

I have been openly disdainful about the idea of an “Ant-man” movie, especially since it seems that Tony Stark is going to be the creator of Ultron instead of Henry Pym.  I’m not too fond of Henry Pym as a character, although I prefer him to the third Ant-man.  But a few trailers have been released and I find myself actually curious.  The story appears to be that Henry Pym is disgraced and looking for an heir to carry on the Ant-man mantle and selected convict Scott Lang.  I’m not saying I’m going to see this in the theaters, but I’ll probably watch it eventually.  And there’s an example of how trailers are supposed to get people interested in the movie.

Iron Sky 2
So in my rant on Man of Steel, I mentioned I had seen a better movie about actual space Nazis called Iron Sky.  It was fairly ridiculous.  Well, it apparently was decently popular so the company decided to crowdfund a sequel (and have already hit the mark).  I’m linking the two trailers (one featuring Hitler riding a dinosaur and the other featuring Jesus wielding two machine guns), which somehow are going to fit into the same movie.  I’m…fascinated.  Yes, that’s the right word.  Fascinated.


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