A Media Entry – A Few of My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens are all very well and good, and certainly not bad things, but not my favorite things.  So this holiday season I’ll share some of my favorite things, and maybe they’ll become some of your favorite things as well.

I’ve actually already posted a bunch about many of my favorite things (anything/one I heart), but these are ones I don’t think would make a full entry.  These are also in no particular order because I’m in a pretty random mood as I write this.

1) The Rocky Horror Picture Show – I described this a bit in my entry on my love of Halloween.  To say that this is a bizarre movie is an astounding understatement.  It’s a musical send-up of those ’50s/’60s sci-fi and horror B-movies (the types that often ended up on Mystery Science Theater 3000) with a large dose of what moral conservatives would call sexual deviancy.  Your mileage on that may vary.  The live show is the best, but since the audience yells at the screen, someone who’s never seen the movie before might get irritated that they can’t hear it.  So watch it first at home, decide if the live show might be for you, and get your kink on.  Dressing as the characters is traditional, but any risque costume will do (one of my friends won the best costume prize at our local showing and he was wearing his sister’s prom dress; it turned out pink was really his color).  And I can’t dance, but even I can do the Time Warp.

2) RWBY – this is a web series by RoosterTeeth.  It’s an anime-inspired series about teenagers training to fight terrible monsters.  I like the re-imagining of western folklore and integrating of magic and high technology.  The weapons are of course ridiculously overblown but that’s part of why I love it.  The show is in Season 2 now, so I’d suggest starting with the “Red” trailer (it’s at the bottom under the “Special videos” heading in the link I provided), proceeding through the “White,” “Black,” and “Yellow,” trailers, and that should provide a good idea of what the show is about and how it looks.  Also, you know how Luna Lovegood was the “weird kid” in a school of weird kids?  Nora Valkyrie is the crazy kid in a school of crazy kids.

3) The Blues Brothers – also a musical and the best movie featuring any of the “Saturday Night Live” cast.  The plot is thin with some rather bizarre elements, but that’s not the point.  The Blues Brothers themselves play the straight man to the insanity around them.  It has great music and the absolute best car chases ever put to film because the filmmakers actually crashed a real mall and hundreds of real cop cars.

4) Scott Pilgrim vs The World – I have not read the indie comics this movie is based on, but I really do enjoy the movie.  It’s quite different from most movies I watch and I’m a sucker for an 8-bit soundtrack.  I’m sure the alliterated character names is a nod to Stan Lee.  I also wish “Ninja Ninja Revolution” was a real game.

5) AtopTheFourthWall – I am so late to the world of online video reviews, but randomly I stumbled across a comic book reviewer.  Linkara’s early videos are not of the best quality (time and money have greatly improved his technique and equipment) but are still funny and are the sources of some long-running gags.  I haven’t read all the comics he reviews, but I find the reviews funny.  He also works in storylines that are kind of references to the comics he’s reviewing and kind of his own inspiration.  He even has a nemesis – Dr. Insano.

6) TheSpoonyExperiment – which brings us neatly around to the person playing Dr. Insano, Spoony, who also appears on his own show.  Spoony is a bit more hit or miss for me, but when he’s on, he’s good.  Also, his past D&D experiences are pretty hilarious and I appreciate Counter Monkey.

7) Knights of the Dinner Table – and in a former life, Spoony used to write for the “Knights of the Dinner Table” magazine.  The original poorly drawn comic book is about the worst group of munchkin gamers, their hapless GM, and Sara, who actually tries to roleplay, the poor soul.  If you have ever gamed, you’ll probably enjoy this.  The artwork gets better.  The same company also produces a comic book told from the point of view of the Knights’ characters.  Sara, as you imagine, is the straight man (so to speak) in this version.

8) Guild Wars 2 – since my favorite MMORPG “City of Heroes/Villains” was sadly cut down by the evil corporate masterminds, I had to find a new way to occupy my time (or waste it, depending on your point of view).  I tried a few other games, but this one worked for me.  I like exploring the worlds the best, so if PvP is your thing, I never take part in that so I have no idea if it’s good in this game or not.  I have a character of each of the five races and five different professions.  To further illustrate the kind of person I am, I created my charr to look like my cat.  The charr’s teeth are slightly too big, but otherwise I made a pretty good resemblance.

9) Tetris – such a simple game, and yet so very addicting.  Very addicting.  Other kids wanted Pokémon.  I wanted Tetris.  At one point I had downloaded Tetris onto my computer and played in two player mode using both hands.  As a practical application, I am very, very good at packing and loading up stuff.

10) Good Eats – this is a cooking show that can be found on Netflix now or the Cooking Channel (it ended after ten seasons).  The creator described it as a mix of Julia Child, Mr. Wizard, and Monty Python.  I agree.  This is nothing like most cooking shows.  The episodes don’t have plots, exactly, but they do have themes or loose storylines and a cast of characters.  The creator also describes the mechanics and chemistry of cooking/baking which really resonated with me.  I do work in a STEM field, so while I can follow instructions in a recipe I really didn’t understand why meat should be seared and what the purpose was.  With this show (and the two cookbooks) I learned what that meant.  And the shows are pretty entertaining in their own right.

So there you go.  Ten of my favorite things.  Next week I’ll see about finishing off the “Hobbit” trilogy.  Yes, I still refuse to pay money to see it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t see it.  I’ll also probably binge on the original trilogy next week too.  It’s a holiday tradition!


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