Shameless Self-Promotion – Happy Halloween Again!

I apologize for the dearth of blog entries.  I have, as has been documented, been frantically trying to complete my newest novel/collection of short stories.  Luckily, I did have a good idea for the cover so at least I didn’t have to spend time getting inspired for that (although the execution was a considerable bit of work).  Actually, the cover art came to me as soon as I settled on the title.  So finally I’ve published the third installment of Nevermore and the Ravens, Saturday Night Séance!  It’s still absolutely free (I’m seeking fame and notoriety now and hopefully one day, money) and currently available through these fine retailers –

Soon to be available through –
Barnes & Noble

Now that this project is finally finished, I’ll get started on the next one of course, but I’ll also get back to regular Wednesday/weekend blog entries as well.  And I will enjoy the season and all the fun things about it and maybe, finally, get around to reading “Justice League: Year One.”

Pumpkin flavor all the things!


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S. J. Drew is an aspiring writer who finally entered the blogosphere to shamelessly promote that writing (as evidenced by the title of the blog). Whether or not this works remains to be seen, but S. J. hopes you are at least entertained. And if you're actually reading this, that's probably a good sign.

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