A Movie Entry – 10 Things I Learned From Captain America 2

Apologies for missing on Wednesday and having a short one today; I spent most of my afternoon fighting with a hedge and while I think I was ultimately triumphant, that hedge gave me hell for my victory.

No spoilers, at least nothing you can’t guess from the trailers:

1) It really should be titled, “Captain America and the Badass Normal Avengers”
2) SHIELD has ALL the money
3) Captain America is charmingly literal-minded sometimes
4) Captain America’s alignment is “Lawful Good,” but he can get away with it
5) If a villain is going to try to plant the seeds of doubt, the villain really ought to provide time for those seeds to potentially grow
6) It is a very bad idea to try to kill Captain America
7) It is an even worse idea to try to kill Nick Fury
8) Bad guys are never helpful for no reason; if you don’t know why they’re being helpful, you damn well better find out
9) The difference between a badass normal and a superpowered hero is that while a badass normal can surive nearly being blown up (because this is a comic book movie), the superpowered hero not only survives but actually can walk away
10) The litmus test to tell fans from non-fans is how they react during the teaser-sequel trailer

Fan’s reaction – Uh, oh!  Well, I know how this ties into “Avengers 2…”
Non-fan’s reaction – Huh.  That didn’t make any sense.

By the way, go see it.  It’s quite a good movie.


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