Fifteen-minute Movie – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

or, “The Most Fun Sean Connery’s Had Since ‘Last Crusade‘”
or, “Also, Dorian Gray is the Spy”

Scrolling Exposition – Out with the old, in with the new, let’s get this movie started!

London, 1899:
Bobby 1 – Oy, laddies, wot is that?

Bobby 2 – Cor blimey it’s a metal movin’ box thing!  We should arrest it, mates!

Bobby 3 – I say, moving metal box thing, you should stop right now before you run over me and I get dreadfully cross.  Pip pip and all that my good fellow.

[[the tank, of course, does not stop nor does the bobby move; it continues to the Bank on London running over everything followed by cops and elects to blow up the vault door instead of just running through it like everything else]]

Minion – <We got all the money, Boss!>

Mysterious Masked Figure – <I’m not just here for money.  I’m here for the plot twists!>

Minion – <You’re not going to break into song, are you?>

Mysterious Masked Figure – <Um, no.  Why would you think that?>

Minion – <Because if that mask was white it would probably be a copyright infringement.>

Mysterious Masked Figure – <Shut up!>

Gentleman’s Club (not that kind), Kenya:
Sanderson Reed – I’m looking for Allan Quatermain.  I need him to help the British Empire from going to war.

Quatermain – I’m Quatermain.  Allan Quatermain.

Reed – Wow, okay, so that’s how this movie’s going.  Anyway, I need you to come back to London and help stop a world war.

Quatermain – Give me one good reason why.

Henchmen – We will!  We’ll try to kill you!

[[It turns out young, armored, armed henchmen are completely ineffective at killing one old man with bad eyesight and a mean right hook; the only one Quatermain doesn’t kill outright is wounded by Quatermain as he attempts to flee; he promptly kills himself]]

Quatermain – Damn it!

[[And the gentleman’s club blows up]]

Quatermain – Damn it!  I am running out of friends to outlive.  Fine, fine, I’ll go back to London and try to stop whoever’s behind this.

Secret Lair, London:
M – I’m ‘M.’

Quatermain – I have met M, and you are no M.

M – James Bond references, really?

Quatermain – The movie is full of literary puns and references.  This is only fair.

M – Fine.  So you are going to lead a team of extraordinary gentlemen to stop the Fantom, who’s trying to start a world war.  Of course, this is kind of misleading since not all of you are extraordinary nor are you all gentlemen as such, or, technically men at all.

Nemo – I am not a pirate.

Skinner – Yeah, but I am a thief.

Quatermain – Captain Nemo, what’s in it for you?

Nemo – That’s never going to be adequately explained.

Quatermain – Okay, fine.  I thought the Invisible Man was a scientist.

Skinner – He was, but I stole his formula.  Of course, it turns out there are a lot of downsides to being invisible and I’d rather like a cure.

Mina Harker – Excuse me, am I late?

Quatermain – Tell me that’s our secretary.

Harker – Wow, how enlightened.

M – She’s a chemist.  So, there are two more people you need to pick up and then you need to go to Venice to stop a bunch of world leaders from getting killed.

Run-down Bachelor Pad, London:
Dorian Gray – Go to hell, Quatermain.

Harker – Oh, Dorian, that’s so rude.

Gray – Mina!  I meant, come on in.

Quatermain – There’s a picture missing from your wall.  I mean, anyone familiar with Oscar Wilde or the comic will know what that means, but I’m pointing it out for everyone else.  Got that?  Dorian Gray is missing a picture.  This is absolutely important later.  There will be no foreshadowing in this movie at all about this particular plot twist.

Gray – Look, I’m really not interesting in your mission.  I just invited you in to flirt with Mina.

Quatermain – Yeah, I remember you from college.  You were kind of a jerk then.

Skinner – Hang on, how bloody old is this guy if you remember him from when you were young?

Harker – Join us, Dorian.  You’re needed.

Gray – Yeah, I’m thinking not, unless you can give me a very good reason.

[[suddenly the room erupts in gun-toting henchmen and the Fantom appears]]

Fantom – Join me or I kill you all.

Quatermain – Go to hell.

Gray – *sigh*  I sense I’m about to get my suit dirty.

[[the fight starts when a mysterious friendly henchmen shoots the other henchmen; Skinner drops his clothes to hide; Nemo and Harker take cover, Quatermain pulls out his trusty right hook, and Gray pulls out a sword to take on men with guns; naturally in all the ruckus the Fantom escapes]]

Henchmen – Hahahahaha!!  Never bring a knife to a gunfight! [[shoots Dorian repeatedly]]

Dorian – You ruined my suit!

Henchman 1 – *blink blink* Typically when I’ve riddled someone with bullets they really don’t care about the state of their clothes.

Dorian – Yes, well, I happen to care very much. [[stabs the henchmen and a well-placed ripping shirt shows the wounds closing over]]  I liked that suit.

Henchman 2 – Hey, look, I’ve taken the woman hostage.  Haha!  Everyone drop your weapons and no one gets hurt.

Harker – Oh, little man, I wouldn’t say that.  [[she goes into a bloody rage and rips into his throat and drinks his blood, then proceeds to fix her hair]]

[[The others stare in horror at what they have just witnessed]]

Harker – Oh, pardon me.  I appear to have made a bit of a mess.

Mysterious Friendly Henchman – I’m Thomas Sawyer, American Secret Service.  You can call me Tom.

Skinner – Forget that.  Mrs. Harker, what the bloody hell was that?

Harker – My husband and I, and a man named Van Helsing, tried to destroy an evil called Dracula.  I did not escape unscathed.

Nemo – Well, the Fantom will move quickly now.  Let’s go find the last member.  And look, I have an automobile!

Others – We have no idea what that word means.  This is 1899.

Nemo – Trust me, it’s awesome.  And then we’ll head to Paris in my submarine.

Others – Okay, we do know what that is.

Nemo – Yeah, but the Nautilus is way more awesome than any other submarine you’ve ever seen. [[it actually is]]

Sawyer – What the hell are we doing again?

Quatermain – Hunting man!

Sawyer – Is this legal?

Quatermain – He’s a fugitive, and don’t kill him because we’re going to recruit him.

Sawyer – But he’s a giant monster!

Quatermain – Right now.  He’ll be better later.  And quit wasting bullets!

Sawyer – But it’s the American way!

[[Quatermain manages to capture Mr. Hyde; by the way, where in the hell did Hyde find a hat that size?  Are there a lot of novelty hat shops in Paris in 1899?]]

Skinner – Boy, I thought I was a freak.

Hyde – You are.  I’m a monster!

[[kicks Skinner and Gray helps him up]]

Skinner – Hey, you obnoxious pretty boy, you just scratched the hell out of me for absolutely no good reason that the audience should pay attention to.

Gray – Yeah.  Weird.

Quatermain – Mr. Hyde, if you help us stop a world war, the Queen will pardon you and you can go back to England.

Hyde – I miss terrorizing London.  Fine, fine.  Hang on a second. [[a quick, painful looking CGI sequence follows, and the monstrous Hyde is replaced by a meek, shivering man]]

Quatermain – Welcome aboard, Dr. Jekyll.

Jekyll – Would anyone mind getting me some pants that fit?

Nautilus, On Deck:
[[Quatermain is doing some target practice, because what the hell else is there to do]]

Sawyer – You’re pretty good, old man.

Quatermain – And you’re pretty lousy, kid.  Here, let me teach you how to really shoot.

Sawyer – Sure, why not?  It’s not as though this will be relevant later.  So, are you really on this mission to help the Empire?

Quatermain – Hell no.  I’m really wondering if I can finally die.  I’ve buried pretty much everyone I’ve known and loved, including my son.

Sawyer – Dude, that sucks.

Nautilus, later:
[[Jekyll is creepily watching Harker in her chemistry lab]]

Gray – So, what’s up?

Harker – I’m just analyzing this powder Captain Nemo found in his control room.  It appears to be a component in flash powder.

Gray – So someone was taking pictures.  How suspicious.  Would you like a drink?

Harker – Sure.  And would you care to provide your origin story for people who aren’t already familiar with it?

Gray – Sure.  My magic picture has been stolen, which in no way makes me a spy.  Okay, I am totally not a spy.  Anyway, the portrait bears all of my sins for me, but I can’t look at it or it’ll kill me.

Harker – So why would having it stolen upset you so much?  It seems to me this makes it easier to prevent you from accidentally looking at it.

Gray – Oh, hey, look, I accidentally caused you to smash your glass.  Let me wipe up all that blood.

Harker – And then we should make out.  Or something.

[[Jekyll leaves]]

Hyde – Hahaha, loser.  Drink the formula and I’ll take care of that pretty boy.

Jekyll – You are evil!  No!  [[but not very much later]]  Then again, why the hell not.  Hey, one of the vials is missing.

Nautilus, Control Room:
Jekyll – I think Skinner stole my Hyde formula.  And he’s run off.

Nemo – Damn, so the invisible man is a spy in our midst and that is not an obvious red herring.  Well, we’ll have to get to Venice and try to save everyone anyway.

[[Okay, everyone, time to lower the bar for suspension of disbelief; yes, the Nautilus can navigate the canals of Venice; just go with it]]

Quatermain – So we need to find those bombs.

[[The city starts blowing up]]

Nemo – We need stop those bombs by blowing up the next thing in the chain reaction.  Or something!  Here, take my automobile for a lively and thrilling chase through Venice!

Sawyer – Rock on!  Wait, how do I even know how to drive this thing?  Who cares!

[[The League, minus Jekyll who wants nothing to do with Hyde, and minus Nemo, tear down the streets and soon are being shot at]]

Gray – Drat it all.  I’ll need a new suit again. [[hops out to take out some guys]]

Harker – Did you know I can turn into a bunch of bats and kill all those guys on the rooftops?  [[she totally does that; incidentally, does anyone know why she elected to forgo her usual Victorian clothes for a leather and corset get-up generally associated with modern film depictions of vampires?]]

Quatermain – I’m going to go kill the Fantom while you keep driving this thing!  Don’t forget to signal Nemo to blow you up!

[[Quatermain tracks the Fantom to a graveyard and eventually unmasks him, revealing him as M but doesn’t manage to actually capture M; in the meantime, Sawyer does what he needs to do and gets blown up; also, in case anyone missed the perfectly obvious, Dorian Gray was the spy]]

Nemo – Yay, we’ve saved the city.  Is everyone still alive?

Harker – I can’t die.

Quatermain – I’m the star.

Sawyer – It turns out being American is apparently some kind of superpower and I am not dead.

Ishmael – But Gray is the spy!  He totally shot me! [[dies]]

[[And in case we still don’t get it, Gray escapes in a mini-sub thing and opens the window just to flip everyone off as he goes because he is totally the spy]]

Nemo – How did we not see that coming?  At least I can track the mini-sub!  Let’s go!

Sailor – Sir, I found this record in Gray’s quarters!

Nemo – Let’s play it.  I’m sure nothing bad can happen if we do that.

M (recording) – Hey gang.  If you’re listening to this, Gray is totally the spy!

Hyde – Oy, Henry, this is hurting my ears.

Gray (recording) – Dude, they know that.  I’m only the spy because you stole my picture.

M (recording) – You really felt the need to spell that out?  Anyway, there was no meeting in Venice.  All of this was a trick to get samples from each of you non-human types and steal Nemo’s steampunk technology.  I just needed Quatermain to catch Hyde.  I am totally going to make a fortune selling this stuff.  Also, I embedded a high-pitched frequency only animals can hear that is going to cause a bunch of bombs to blow up… right…now!

[[Cue explosions but it turns out Hyde is super-strong and really doesn’t want to die so he risks his life to save the whole submarine]]

Nemo – We lived!  But now we’ll never find them.

Sailor – I’m getting a message from Skinner.  He’s given us coordinates!

Nemo – That is really convenient.

[[For someone so forward thinking, M puts his headquarters in one of the few places in the entire world that can apparently be reached by a river deep enough for the Nautilus]]

Arctic Lair:
Quatermain – Skinner said he’d meet us here, so we wait here.

Skinner – Cor blimey I am naked in the snow.  Could someone get me a jacket already?

[[They devise a plan to rescue the hostage scientists, destroy the weapons, kill M, and blow up the fortress, hopefully in that order]]

Quatermain – Okay, everyone split up.  We need M alive, but you can kill anyone else if you need to.

[[Skinner goes off to plant explosives, Nemo and Hyde go to rescue the scientists, Quatermain and Sawyer go to fight M, and Harker heads for a showdown with Gray]]

Random Decadent Room:
Harker – Dorian, I’ve got beef with you.

Gray – Wow, that is not a very Victorian outfit.  I mean, I like leather, lace, and corsets, it’s not very period-correct, is it?

Harker – Shut up, traitor.

Gray – Mina dear, are you really so upset I betrayed you?  Let’s just live and let live.  I mean, what’s the alternative since we’re both immortal here?

Harker – Well, we can duel while you make lame puns until I remember how you told me exactly how to kill you.

Gray – Did I really do that?  That would have been very unwise.  Hopefully I know how to kill you first. [[he doesn’t and his made to face his inner demons (i.e., the picture) and ages to death as his picture turns whole and pretty again]]

Hostage Central:
Henchman – Stop them!  [[they open fire on Nemo’s men which works until Hyde goes all ‘Hulk-smash‘ on them]]  Two can play at that game! [[drinks Hyde formula]]

Hyde – Oh, this is not going to end well.  I sense a bad CGI fight about to happen here.  [[he’s right as Super-Hyde takes the stage]] Yeah, yeah, that’s what pain feels like alright.

Nemo – I can help. [[he gets thrown against the wall]]  Nope, nope, never mind.

Hyde – Just run for it.  He’ll transform back hopefully before he kills us!

M’s Quarters:
Sawyer – Hey, I think Skinner’s here, but I don’t know why he’s being all weird.  You go take out M.

Invisible Assassin – I’m not Skinner, moron.

Sawyer – This is a problem.

Quatermain – Hold it right there, Professor Moriarty.

M – You figured that out?  Really?

Quatermain – Apparently.  I don’t know why you didn’t die and I don’t actually care.  Give me the case with the biological weapons.

[[About this time the facility explodes; this allows Jekyll and Nemo to escape but throws a big crimp in Quatermain’s threats but he gets the upper right hook in on Moriarty anyway]]

Moriarty – If you kill me, my invisible assassin will kill young Sawyer.

Quatermain – Damn it!  [[shoots in the invisible assassin but gets stabbed by Moriarty who jumps out of a window and lands completely unscathed; somehow]]  My glasses are broken.  You take the shot, kid.

Sawyer – Will do.  [[takes Quatermain’s advice from earlier in the movie and kills M and the case falls into the frigid water]]  We win!

Quatermain – Good job!  [[dies]]

Sawyer – I’m really sorry he got killed.  I thought he said Africa would never let him die.

Harker – I guess he was wrong.  Now what?

Nemo – A sequel, maybe?  Action, adventure, whatever, let’s just do something fun.

Sawyer – Cool.

[[they leave and a tribal priest of some sort says a spell over Quatermain’s grave, implying he’s going to be resurrected; also, Dorian Gray was the spy in case you missed it]]



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