A Comic Book Entry – Avengers Academy, Part 1

Or possibly the only one.  We’ll see how I feel.

So I’ve been thinking about the concept of Avengers’ Academy.  And I think if I were actually teaching a group of young heroes how to be heroes, and probably specifically Avengers, there would have to be some special required seminar courses.  There are certain things that come up in the career of every major Avenger that while are necessarily as important as learning how not kill innocent bystanders or cause millions of dollars worth of property damage, are nonetheless important items to know.

Seminar Class 1: Closing the Loop – Time Paradoxes and You; A Layperson’s Guide to Time Travel

Lecture 1: Pebbles in a River – a Brief History of Time (Apologies to Stephen Hawking)
Topic – infinite choices, infinite possibilities (for a little while)

Lecture 2: Marty McFly Syndrome – How Not to Erase Your Past
Topic – what to do if you find yourself going back in time
– required viewing, “Back to the Future”

Lecture 3: Lazarus Long Syndrome – Avoiding Relationships with your own Descendants
Topic – what to do if you find yourself going forward in time
– required viewing, “Back to the Future Part II”

Lecture 4: Dr. Who Syndrome – Crossing the Streams
Topic – what to do if you cross your own timeline
– if you encounter a past self, what not to say
– if you encounter a future self, what not to ask

Lecture 5: Goatees and Dopplegangers – Alternative Yous
Topic – encountering yourself from an alternate timeline

Lecture 6: Kang By Any Other Name – Time-traveling Villains you May Encounter
Topic – how to deal with time-traveling villains without destroying the space-time continuum
– Encountering Kang
– Encountering Kang again
– Kang yet again
– Seriously, it’s always Kang
– Maybe Dr. Doom once in a while

Q&A follows each lecture.




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