Fifteen-minute Movie – Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

or, “Slightly Better Than the First

Baxter Building:
Johnny – Please note again that I am totally awesome, and now I’ll be marketing myself now as “Johnny Storm – Totally Awesome.”  Or maybe “Johnny Storm – Ultra-awesome.”  What do you think?

Ben – I don’t care.  I’m just glad Alicia loves me.

Johnny – Good thing she’s blind.

Ben – Don’t start with me, matchstick.

Sue – Boys, please!  My fourth attempt at a wedding is in just a few days.  Reed, don’t you dare start on another project or I will kill you.

Reed – Right, no science projects.  Got it.

Sue – Ok, this should be fine as long as nothing else goes wrong.

[[Cue something else going wrong – a planet is destroyed and the silver thing responsible heads towards Earth bringing in weird weather and unfortunately awakening Dr. Doom]]

Johnny – Hey, Reed, it’s time for your bachelor party!

Reed – Oh, god.  This isn’t going to be some embarrassing spectacle of shallowness, is it?

Johnny – Hey, Reed, it’s me.  Please.

Embarrassing Spectacle of Shallowness:
Reed – Oh, god, a nightclub and strippers.

Johnny – Dude, they aren’t strippers.  They’re just totally hot.  Lighten up.

Reed – What about Sue?  She’d kill me.

Johnny – And this is my problem how? [[goes off with the ladies]]

Ben – Ya know, Reed, for a guy who’s supposed to be super-smart, how come you never see things like this coming?

Reed – *sigh*

[[After a dance number with Reed, top brass crash the party]]

General Hager – So there’s some weird silver thing that seems to be carving holes in our planet.  You are regarded as a top scientist in these matters, but since I’m feeling like a dick and you made a total ass of yourself, I’m going to demand you build me a sensor to track it.

Reed – No.  I’m getting married and don’t have the time to do what you say.  And you are really being a dick.

Baxter Building:
Reed – Soooo I’ll just build this sensor for me.  Sue will never know.  Weird, I wonder why the thing started heading to New York when I got my sensor working.  It’s like it’s tracking the sensor…

Wedding Day:
Sue – Reed, you did not bring your portable computer with you.

Reed – Of course not… heh heh.  Erm, could we maybe speed this up a bit?

Sue – Speed this up a bit?  What is wrong with you?  And you do have your PDA!  And it’s beeping in an alarming fashion!

Reed – Well, yeah, maybe a little…incoming!

[[the mysterious silver streak completely destroys the sensor and takes out the news helicopter]]

Reed – Johnny, go get it!

Johnny – Dude, seriously?  This tux is like totally expensive.

Reed – You’re the only one who can fly.

Johnny – Right.  [[takes off after the silver object]]

Sue – [[stares morosely at the wreck of her fourth wedding]]  I am going to kill Reed.

Johnny – Hey, silver dude, you want to slow down there a second?  [[The silver guy speeds up]]  You know, or not… [[Eventually Johnny flies too high and his fire goes out; he’s caught by the silver guy and dropped eventually taking a faceplant into the desert but surviving]]  And I am still totally awesome.

Baxter Building again:
Reed – Ok, Johnny, what was it?

Johnny – A silver dude on a surfboard.

Reed and Co – *blink.  Blink blink*

Reed – A silver surfer?  Are you kidding?

Johnny – Nope.

Hager – Well, since you’re not getting married or doing anything important, help us figure out why this thing is punching holes in the Earth and where it’s going to strike next.

Sue – Go ahead, Reed, I’ll kill you later.  By the way, is Johnny going to have any side effects from his encounter with the Surfer?

Johnny – I’m sure I’ll be fine [[and by touching Sue promptly switches powers with her]]

Sue – I’m on fire!!!  AAAAGGGHH!!!

Reed – Hey, Sue, you’re on fire.

Sue – Thanks for noticing, genius!  What do I do now?

Reed – Stop, drop, and roll?

Johnny – I’ll save you!  [[turns invisible instead of catching on fire]] Ok, I’ll tell you that this invisibility thing does not work for me.  Here, touch my hand.

Sue – [[does so]] And now I’m naked in public again.  Great.  [[goes invisible]]

Reed – Ok, I’m going to hypothesize that Johnny’s encounter with the Surfer has made his molecules unstable and that he could switch powers with any of us.

Ben – Wow, Reed, that’s genius.

Reed – And I’m pretty sure that was sarcasm.

Baxter Building, Later:
Sue – Reed, I think when we finally get married, we should break up the team.  I just can’t see this superhero lifestyle as compatible with raising a family.

Reed – Okay, but Ben and Johnny will be crushed.

Sue – We won’t tell them until later.

Johnny – Or I could conveniently overhear you and lament to Ben how awful it is to break up the team.

Ben – They’re entitled to their lives, kid.

Johnny – Dude, am I the only one who’s going to be selfish and unreasonable about this?

Ben – Aren’t you always?

Frozen Wasteland:
Victor – And because I’m Dr. Doom, I already figured out where the Silver Surfer is going to strike next.  Silver Surfer.  Honestly.  And shouldn’t I be “DOOM?”  Or at least “Dr. Doom?”

Vic – Ok, ok, I get it, I’m still not comic-book awesome DOOM.  Fine.  Victor it is.  Moving on.  At least I’m not the ‘Silver Surfer.’

Silver Surfer – Hey, I was created in the sixties by a guy with an alliteration fetish.

Victor – So was I, but I have a totally kick-ass name.

Surfer – Whatever.  What do you want?

Victor – I think we should join forces to take over the world.

Surfer – You think I’m punching holes in your planet to take it over?

Victor – Well, sure.  Doesn’t everyone want to take over the world?

Surfer – *blink blink* (metaphorically, of course, as the Surfer has no eyelids to actually blink) I’m going to have to decline your offer.

Victor – Then die! [[blasts him]]

Surfer – And that was annoying. [[blasts him back]]

Victor – Hey, look, that blast of cosmic energy is causing me to regenerate.  Keen.

Ben – Are you sure this is where that thing is going to strike next?

[[Cue the Surfer trying to punch a hole in the Thames river]]

Ben – Yeah, yeah, me and my big mouth.  Ah, well, we can handle this.

Reed – Just as long as Johnny doesn’t inconveniently switch powers with us while chasing the Surfer.

Johnny – Oh, you mean I shouldn’t crash into you like this? [[crashes into Reed, who manages to save the day despite having no experience with Johnny’s powers; Johnny ends up a puddle of goo]]  Heh, whoops, well, London didn’t need a river.  So could you switch back with me?

Hager – Okay, you guys screwed up so I’m making you work with Dr. Doom to help us capture the Surfer.

Victor – And I totally hate you guys and I’d really love to kill you but since I can’t I’m going to be the smuggest dick about this you ever saw.

Reed – You weren’t already?

Victor – Oh, you’ll see.  See, I already know where the Surfer will strike next and I know that his power source is that surfboard thing.  We get it away from him and we win.  I am so damn smart.

Reed – I hate you.

Victor – Yeah, I know, so let’s go get this guy.

Reed – General, you know you can’t trust him.  He’s going to betray you and possibly try to kill you.

Hager – Since I’m in a competition for title of smuggest dick in this film, I’m going to ignore your warning and insult you.  Anyway, he has no powers anymore.

Victor – Yeah, you keep believing that until I prove Reed is right.

[[Reed and Victor collaborate on a set of devices that in theory will stop the Surfer]]

Hager – Hurry it up, nerdlinger.

Reed – You know what?  You’re a dick and I don’t have to listen to you bad-mouth my family.  You hired me because I could do the job so let me do it and just shut up, okay?

Hager – Okaaay… Well, that was an unexpected show of spine.  Whatever, I’m still in charge.

[[They set up the devices except for Sue who gets interrupted by the Surfer]]

Reed – Sue, what’s up?

Sue –[[puts up a shield the Surfer goes right through which he should since he already went through matter easily enough]]  He’s looking at me, Reed.

Reed – Okay, don’t panic.  Just set the thing and go, okay.

Hager – Or my boys can GET HIM! [[troops run after the Surfer, who heads out; they activate the devices and the Surfer falls off his board promptly turning both of them tarnished silver]]

Army Base:
Ben – So if we’re the good guys, why does it look like we’re bein’ held prisoner here?

Johnny – What?  I was totally hitting on that Frankie Raye chick and not paying attention.

Ben – No surprises there.

Reed – You know, I’ve been looking at this data some more and I think that board thing isn’t just an energy source, but a beacon to call something here.  It would have to be massive.

Sue – And isn’t anyone concerned these army guys are going to torture the Surfer for information?

Reed – Well, we’re heroes so let’s be heroic.

Johnny – Hey, guard, can you open the door?

Guard – Sure.  What did you need?

Sue – A distraction for you idiots.  Hello, I’m the Invisible Woman and you just open the door?

Victor – Hey, they’re letting me have the board, so how bright do you think they are?

Johnny – Point to Vic.  So, how about Lt. Raye’s phone number?  [[slams door]] That went well.

[[Sue finds the Surfer who is in fact being tortured; the guard heads off and she slips in to talk to him]]

Sue – What’s your name?

Surfer – *blink blink* (metaphorically again)

Sue – Look, I don’t want them torturing you.  Why didn’t you fight me?

Surfer – You remind me of the woman I once loved.

Sue – Oh, that’s so sweet.  Here, I’ll figure out a way to get you out of here.

Surfer – You need to hurry.  My master is coming.

Sue – Please be explaining.

Surfer – Behold, belly-vision.

Sue – Seriously?

Surfer – It’s all I got.  The long and the short of it is that my boss, Galactus the Eater of Worlds, is coming to eat your world.  That board is the beacon and I may be able to send him away if I can get it back.

Sue – Why didn’t you fight this Galactus guy instead of working for him and destroying other worlds?

Surfer – I didn’t have a lot of time to think, okay, and now I’m not sure I’m brave enough to fight him.

Sue – Well, maybe you better find your courage.  Now, let’s get the hell out of here because I’m not giving up my planet without a fight.

Victor – And I’ll just take this cosmic power source for myself to boost the superpowers I still have and totally lied to the army about. [[steps on the board and tarnishes it]]  Sweet.

Hager – That was not our agreement.  Put it back.

Victor – As much as I hate proving Reed right, well, I’m sure as hell not going to do what you want. [[betrays and kills Hager, then takes off with the board]]  Loser.

[[Sue springs the Surfer and they all meet up and realize Dr. Doom already has the board]]

Reed – Luckily, I built a flying car.  It also splits into four separate flying cars because I’m just that totally awesome.  Please ignore the blatant product placement.

Johnny – You are such a geek.  Still, this is a sweet ride.

Surfer – My name is Norrin Radd, by the way.

Johnny – Dude, really?  That’s pretty cool.  Much better than Silver Surfer.

Surfer – *frosty sigh*  I didn’t call myself that; you did.

Hong Kong:
Reed – Victor, you’ve got to give up the board!  That thing is calling in a giant monster to destroy our planet!

Victor – I’m much smarter than you and I haven’t come to that conclusion so clearly you’re trying to trick me into giving up my cosmic power.

Reed – Do you really think I’m capable of that kind of deviousness?

Victor – Well, that is a fair point, and the sky is getting ominously dark, but since when I have ever listened to you?

Reed – This would be a really good time to start!

Victor – I don’t listen to losers.  Better get rid of the Surfer so he doesn’t try anything funny.  [[flings a spear at the Surfer; Sue puts up a force field to block it, but it goes right through]]

Sue – Ouch!  Given how the Surfer went through my shield earlier, I probably should have seen that coming.

Victor – Okay, well, not the target I was going for but that works for me.

Reed – Noooooo!!!!  [[Reed becomes despondent]]

Ben – Look, Reed, I know this hurts, but you’re the smartest guy I know so you’d better come up with a plan real fast or we’ll all end up dead.

Reed – But the only way to defeat Victor is to combine our powers and get that board away from him.

Sue – Yeah, and I’m kind of dying here, so I can’t help.

Johnny – Wait, how about I take everyone’s powers?  Then I can go beat up that jerk while you figure out how to save my sister.

Reed – Well, alright.

[[By their powers combined, Johnny becomes the Super-Skrull…er, Fantastic One]]

Johnny – Yeah, I am totally awesome.  [[proceeds to curb-stomp Dr. Doom]]

Ben – And just to add insult to injury, I’m going to knock you off that board with a crane! [[proceeds to do so]]

Johnny – Here’s your board and here’s everyone’s powers.  [[gives everyone back their powers]]

Sue – Ok, I’ll die now.  [[does so]]

Surfer – [[takes the board back]]  You know the best thing about the power cosmic?  It’s cosmic. [[brings Sue back to life]]

Johnny – That was the awesomest thing I’ve ever seen.

Reed – Please don’t die on me again.

Sue – Oh, believe me, I’ll try not to.

Surfer – I’m going to defy my master and save your world and most likely die myself.

Sue – Thanks for your self-sacrifice.

Surfer – Well, I probably should have found my courage a long time ago.  [[flies into the atmosphere to fight a nebula thing (which is probably less silly than a giant purple guy in a ship) and explodes, dispersing it]]

Ben – So the sky clearing up means the planet isn’t going to be destroyed?

Reed – I agree with that hypothesis.

Johnny – Hey, Sue, I know I got all upset about you wanting to break up the team, but I totally understand if you want to have a normal life.  Well, no, I really don’t because superpowers are awesome, but I won’t be mad at you.

Sue – Thanks, that’s sweet, but I’ve decided a normal life is overrated.  We aren’t normal so why pretend?  We’ll keep the team together.

Johnny/Ben – Cool.

Reed – So, do you want to get married?  Fifth time’s the charm.

Married in a Hurry in Hong Kong:
Official – Do you Sue Storm…

Reed – Er, Venice is sinking.

Sue – Hurry up, please.  We’ve got a thing to do.

Official – Okay, so you’re married.  Go save the world.

Ben – Johnny, you know if Frankie catches that bouquet it means you’ve got to marry her.

Johnny – Oh hell no! [[torches the bouquet]]  Look at the time.  I’ve got a thing to do.

Sue – So this is happily ever after?

Reed – We’ll make it work.  Come on, we’ve got a thing to do.


Secret Ending Silver Surfer – Wow, it turns out I’m not dead.  I wonder if I’ll get my own movie.  But these two weren’t very good so I don’t have high hopes.  Oh well.


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