A Comic Book Entry – About that Marriage, Addendum

Ok, next entry is a Fifteen-minute Movie. I promise.

I should mention in all fairness, MJ was the one who eventually talked Peter Parker into giving up their marriage in the original OMD. The reason was, of course, stupid. Her reasoning was that what she and Peter had was “true love” so even if Mephisto undid everything, they’d find each other again. This, I feel, was not very kind to MJ’s character, who usually provided the common sense and grounding Peter so badly needed, especially in the more mature writer treatments of their marriage.  Let’s be honest, if either of them was going to end the marriage for “true love,” I’d expect it to be Peter.  He’s that kind of guy.

OMIT just made this worse. Instead of MJ standing up for a principle (albeit a wrong and terribly misguided one), she just couldn’t handle the truth. She angst-ed out.

Honestly, everyone in those sets were acting so selfishly it was painful to read. Of course, it basically sets the tone for everything the newly retconned Peter Parker does.

Also, since OMD, the women in Spider-man’s world, both villain and hero, costumed and mundane, are being written badly (moreso than everything else). His hot roommate is a psychopath with stalker tendencies, Aunt May is back to her oblivious self who is generally disappointed with Peter, Harry’s girlfriend goes goblin-insane and cheats on him with his father, Kraven’s widow takes psychopath to a new level (including training her twelve year old daughter to be a feral killing machine), Madame Webb is a complete and utter coward (she’s a very old lady who decides it’s better to let Kraven’s widow kill off every spider-themed superhero [many of which Spider-man knows] than refuse to cooperate and risk dying), Jackpot borders between useless and actively in the way, Black Cat offers to let Spider-man cheat on his girlfriend with her, and his girlfriend gets mad at him for lying to her and then apologizes to him for not trusting him! What the hell, writers? Are you intentionally trying to scare people off this comic? It sure worked for me.


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