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I would have Squirrel Girl introduce this properly, but she’s currently unavailable due to being an Avenger and potential copyright issues. But the rant must go on.

Don’t misunderstand me. These entries are commentary on the movies, not the comic books. But before I get into the comic book, I think you need a little background. If you feel you need no background, feel free to skip to a blog entry of mine that interests you.  This is about promoting my writing, which can only be accomplished by holding your interest (also, see the Facebook link!).

I am a casual comic book fan. I am not hardcore. I don’t know the name of all the Avengers or all of the JLA. I don’t know every major story arc in every title every published. Heck, I don’t even know all the major arcs in one book (of course, considering numerous reboots and retcons, maybe that’s not so important because a lot of it may never have existed anyway). Marvel won my heart first, and it’s Marvel I know best. I know some of the basic storylines and basic characters in the mainstream universe (616), and I love Ultimate Spider-man, and I’ve even had a few subscriptions here and there to Marvel (which are a few X-titles, USM, and the New Avengers). I’m familiar enough with the comics to know differences between those and the various TV series. Again, for Marvel. I’m not saying DC is worse, just that I am not so into that universe. I have watched many of the DC TV series as well. I think “Batman: the Animated Adventures” was probably the best “Batman” series hands-down. I did actually once have a subscription to the “Harley Quinn” comic and was a fan of “Young Justice.” I also have passing familiarity with other comic companies, notably some of the works of Alan Moore including “Top Ten” and all of “Promethea.” I have enough knowledge to have strong opinions, but not a mental encyclopedia. If I’m confused about a story and don’t have access to the comics, I usually turn to the Wikipedia, which always astounds me at the depth and breadth of information that can be found there. My favorite characters are Deadpool and Ambush Bug, although the only comics I’ve read with Deadpool are his guest-star appearances in someone else’s comic book (which I’m sure would not make him very happy). I also like Squirrel Girl although I’m not terribly fond of actual squirrels.

So, in short, I’m a casual fan of mostly Marvel but some DC. Also, if I misspell any character’s names, I apologize. This is a blog. For remarkably accurate information, I again refer to that source of mostly true pop culture – Wikipedia. Commentary on the movies isn’t commentary on the comic books. Believe me, those are entirely different screeds which will be posted soon for your reading enjoyment.


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S. J. Drew is an aspiring writer who finally entered the blogosphere to shamelessly promote that writing (as evidenced by the title of the blog). Whether or not this works remains to be seen, but S. J. hopes you are at least entertained. And if you're actually reading this, that's probably a good sign.

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